Friday, April 3, 2009


I have heard numbers thrown around about yesterday's wind---40 mph and 50 mph. I believe it.

Is today the first day of baseball season? Is today opening day?

Then there is the race activities at the race track north of Fort Worth.

The final four basketball games this weekend? And hockey winds down for us. (Stars)

Busy. Busy. Bob will be teaching Sunday School this Sunday AND doing the 20 minute prep for the Lord's Supper Sunday night.

The doves have found the safflower seed on the window sill. And I saw a squirrel pigging out on it yesterday---so the selling point on the bag of safflower seed about it being disgusting to squirrels is a myth.

The doves look like they are wearing powder blue eye shadow around their eyes. It has to be powder blue teeny tiny feathers.

Bob skunked me last night at Scrabble. He bingo-ed THREE times. He re-used those blanks all three times. He is deadly with blanks. 431-254 It was obvious that he was winning at the end, but he seemed to take an agonizingly long time to try and play his V. I was ready to scream. I should have suggested we play another game just to move it along. Yikes.

More later. I am clean outa thoughts. ha

Did y'all see Cake Wrecks yesterday? All the nose cakes. Let's see if new cakes are up today!

(8:21am alas, no. not yet. still baking...)

8:37am. Cakes are done. Animals, critters---can you imagine asking for a piece of claw/eye/horn/tongue? Not me. Yuck.

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