Monday, April 20, 2009

Lest I forget..

I mailed the surprise to Aunt Janice from Ben-Ben. Hope she likes it. I double boxed it. And then the box was so big it jammed in the box getting it into the post office. The line was long, so I weighted and labelled it myself. I also mailed some books to the grandchild.

Then I took the boxes of books to Bob downtown. (after rescuing his security badge that had fallen down between the seats in his car) Approaching downtown Dallas on 183 was a hoot. Stay in that right lane minding your own business and you will be forced off. Thankfully, the cell phones were working. (tried just now to give Bob good news on the Dry Idea find, and the Virgin phone company says, so sorry, try another time)

Bob and I ate lunch at an oriental noodle place in the tunnel accessed through Thanksgiving Square. It is really not a square. Lots of pigeons with irridescent feathers.

Then to Walmart---what is up with Walmart these days? They discontinued my cranberry capsules, and now Bob's favorite deoderant---Dry Idea. I went to two Walmarts, and finally found some at Target. Bought six. Whew.

And for the stalkers---if I chose NOT to post your comments, please go away. Thank you. This is a free country. We are all entitled to our opinions. People that copy their comments and try to post them again are creepy stalkers. This blog is an online journal. If you enjoy my musings, then great. If I choose not to post your comments, get over it. The world does not revolve around you.

I did find some super cute pink newborn outfits and mailed them to the newest GREAT niece. And a box of knitted dishrags for my friend in Ennis, Suzanne! That makes four packages at the post office today. And never a smile can be found there. ONE clerk working with customers, three milling around. Long, long lines. I used the do-it-yourself thing at the first trip because I was in a hurry. Rips you off. And it was not even faster because I had to go tell them I had jammed the box again. Oh, well. Postage goes up May 11th. It is a wonder they are still in business. Forty-four cents for first class on May 11th.

There is going to come a time when it is cheaper and wiser to just send money. For example, for what it cost to send them the new baby outfits, they could have bought one more. Or for what it cost to send the books, the grandchild could have purchased one more. Walmart stopped carrying the cotton yarn, too. And a lady at church is nagging me to knit something useful---like wool knitted ski masks for under helmets for the troops in Afghanistan. Unless the directions are super simple, forget it. And wool yarn---yuck. I think I am allergic to wool yarn. It has always bothered this lady at church that I waste my time doing dishrags. Synthetic yarn is bad for getting fried under the helmets. I understand that. But, wool next to your skin is not for everyone. Wonder why some can't use cotton.

It is not polite to tell old church ladies to go to <<>>---- Dear Heavenly Father, why this test? Why won't this old lady leave me alone? Why can't she let me be boring? Dishrags are useful, too. In fact, I knit a headband---and Ben wanted it. I use them all the time. Please Lord, help me watch my mouth, and my attitude. Your Will be done. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Joyce, Keep doing what the Lord has called you to do. God has given you a gift and you are using it. Sometimes people are bitter and upset because they aren't allowing themselves to be used by God.

Love, Amber