Monday, April 27, 2009

James Deploys To Afghanistan in December

James was home this weekend, but when he got back to work this morning, he found out he was being sent to another office, and will deploy to Afghanistan in December.

Wow. We knew this was possible, as a January-Korea had been batted around as the next deployment for a while, but some in his unit were still cycling back from Iraq! I wonder what happened up the chain of command...I wonder how/why this decision was made. Things are boring in Iraq---I learned that the USO is not even sending entertainers because the troops are winding down their jobs there, and are bored stiff. Afghanistan is much more active as our troops go after the Taliban, and the Taliban invade Pakistan.

It sure was a surprise when James called this morning, and my heart goes out to his fiancee. I had been emailing James' fiancee back and forth about what I had read on SpouseBuzz this morning---and the saddest story they had up. Maybe this was not the day to be discussing that, as it is very, very rare. In fact, I hope it never happens again.

I called Ben. Can't repeat what he said. Mr. Encouragement. Not.

Then I found I had about eight emails bottled up in my outbox for some reason. Yikes. Now Andy knows, hopefully. And the story about Afghanistan I had forwarded Bob to his home email takes on much more meaning. So much of Afghanistan looks like El Paso to me. So, I'll forward neat stories of heroism, or neat equipment to Bob.

Watching B-cast---and the story about the Presidential plane that flew LOW over Manhattan today THREE times. Buildings were evacuated. People hit the panic button. All for a photo shoot??!! Good heavens. Outrageous. Training? A huge jet flying over the Statue of Liberty?? I wonder if Andy knows anything about it? 150 feet above the ground. Someone forgot to tell the mayor. (no, Air Force son had not heard about it) 4pm and a call from the grandchild.

Later---almost 10pm. What a difference in the Dad's reaction to James' news and the mom's. Dad was all positive--reminding James that when different ones were sent into different theaters of war, things wound down quickly, so the same will probably happen with him. And Dad cheers up the Mom. And talks to James on the phone, and understands more of the acronymns and details. It takes a Mom and a Dad. If a guy only has a mom, all he hears is the gloom, and doom, and weeping, and worst case scenerio. So, God provided a Dad for balance, and purpose, and mission orientation.


Bag Blog said...

When I was ten years old, I rode on a plane from Wichita Falls to Dallas with my uncle who was on the first leg of his deployment to Vietnam. I remember the scene when we left - his wife cried and clung and caused his young daughters to do the same - chaos. I can remember thinking, "Wow, that was not a good send-off." My aunt did not reassure her husband that she was strong and courageous. I watched my grandmother bravely stand and send her son to war for a second time. And I thought that was a better way. In Prov 31 another word for "excellent" is "courageous." I know that is spiritual and speaking of the church, but still, I think a wife (especially a military wife) has to be courageous. I will pray this for you and the fiancee and pray for James' safety.

joyce said...

Thank you, Bag Blog. You are right. I have been amazed at how God is using Bob's time in the Army under Carter to counsel James under Obama.

Anonymous said...

what an encouragement to read this (Bag Blog). Praise the Lord for the body of Christ.


Bag Blog said...

Amber you are so welcome. If the inheritance is in the saints, we need to be sharing the treasure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bag Blog!