Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is Saturday. Yesterday felt like Saturday with James and Bob home. And I kept referring to tomorrow as going to church/Easter/Sunday, which drove Bob and James nuts.

I repeat: (for my own benefit: It is Saturday) It is Saturday. Today is Saturday.

Saturday is it.

Last night we had so much fun skype-ing with the grandchild. Wow. Bob was sitting near the mouse and took a ton of cute pictures. We even got one of the Firstborn dancing with the grandchild. I emailed them to my folks, and the grandchild's other set of grandparents.

Without revealing too much about the grandchild, (in case of stalkers), James and Amber asked the grandchild to be a part of their wedding. The ringbearer/flower girl part. I got to thinking that what a contrast---Firstborn with his shaved head, and Ben-Ben with his flowing locks. And James with the length "just right". The groom will outshine them all, as he should.

Something is wrong with our oak tree in the back yard. This tree straddles the fence and is entwined with the power lines, so it gives shade only to the storage shed. And the leaves look like dried green shrivelling branches of a tree the moisture has been sucked out of. One branch here or there is still green and lush with normal, healthy leaves, but the whole tree looks dried out. We felt the leaves yesterday when I noticed it, and they are dry and crumbly, too. I bet they charge us extra to get it out of the power lines. But, if it has oak wilt, it will have to go. So sad to lose a tree. The birds use it to perch in their swoop to the birdfeeder.

More later...

8pm. Rain. Storms coming up from the south. That ought to wash the dust and pollen and smoke from the air! Bob is still working on his Sunday School lesson. I am probably not helping by making noise at the computer, so I shall go read my Mark Levin book! They came in the mail yesterday! Big Whoop! Ordered them March 24th, I think as well as some books for the grandchild.

I did make it to Tom Thumb grocery story and stocked up on a few meal ideas so that we do not have to fight the crowds at the eating establishments tomorrow. Not sure who all we will have for lunch--it may be just me and Bob. But, I am ready. I'll hold off and buy Easter candy on Monday when it is half-price. If I need a chocolate fix, I can just dip the spoon in my fudge-in-a-jar from Tastefully Simple. That stuff is too thick to drip onto ice cream. The jar says refrigerate, and so I did. Tastefully Simple's caramel sauce is great with apples, too.

Tomorrow is Sunday: Resurrection Day!

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