Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sunday Posting

Beautiful day! Wow. Skies are mostly clear. Just the occassional cotton ball cloud.

Bob practiced his Sunday School lesson on me and then we hurried to church. Need not have hurried, as this Sunday School class is very, very slow to assemble. They like to eat doughnuts and chat first. Then there are the prayer requests, and praise reports. Bob told everyone about the newest great niece.

An octogenarian spoke during the sermon portion. This guy was once a chaplain to the Grand Prairie Naval Air Station FIFTY years ago. And then he taught at numerous seminaries. It will be so funny at the Judgement Seat of Christ when this guy waits to see the NIV translator get it. He is convinced that the NIV translator took certain liberties which mislead folks. Then he proceeded to preach on love. And the bookends that are "by this the world will know..." at the Last Supper. Yes, I paid attention during church. But, this old guy was so shakey that I was afraid he'd fall off the stage. His body was shakey, but his voice and fist pounding were strong.

Grape vines are allowed to winter on the ground to keep them alive and sorta warm. So, in Bible times, they would slowly bring them back up in the spring, wash them, and encourage them to bear fruit. The NIV sloppily talks about cutting off the vines that do not bear. Instead, the word is to gently pull up and wash where they can bear fruit. We are plugged into the main branch, Jesus Christ. And washed and pruned, and gently forced higher and higher to bear fruit... neat figures of speech, eh?

We lunched with Ben-Ben who showed up at church and heard the last fifteen minutes of the sermon looking for us. He had been to a trade show, and wanted to show Bob the free light bulb Oncor was giving away. And he had a surprise gift he wanted me to mail Aunt Janice. We went to Chipotle's for lunch. And showed Ben the funny videos on Bob's blog.

I beat Bob at Scrabble. And James collected his clean laundry and headed back to Lawton. I had found him a pretty, and brand new 2 quart glass bowl with a lid for microwave or oven use. Better for cooking Bertolli bags, in my opinion. And I use mine so much, I bought another. Now I can cook dessert in one in the oven, while getting supper done in the microwave in the other. It can be slippery and you have to use hot pads, and being a clumsy person, I have almost dropped mine a few times, but they clean up beautifully, and run through the dishwasher just fine.

James if you are reading this---just do NOT use on top of the stove. ONLY in the microwave or oven. And you can go from the frig to the microwave safely. Great for storing leftovers and then you are ready for a quick reheat.

So good to see Ben today. He said he has been working seven days a week as they hired some new salesmen, and what with trade shows... And since the weather is suppose to be clear all week---he will probably be busy every day. Still waiting on the first photovotaic job. He said they had looked at ten houses, but ruled out eight because of roof issues, or trees, and folks have to want to wait for a ten year return on their investment.

James helped me haul three boxes of books out of the little house which Bob wants to take back to work now that he has room on shelving. But, how to transport...I might just take them to Bob at lunch tomorrow, or take Bob to work and pick him up at the train station after work.

Time to think about supper. And buying more milk. Ha.

I wonder how the new parents are doing. And how was the newest great niece's first Sunday?

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Bob said...

Tell the truth. You didn't beat me at Scrabble; you creamed me!