Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waiting on the Lord to Speak

Waiting on the Lord to speak
Lord, still my lips
And help me wait.

Waiting on the Lord to speak
And tell the bride and groom
I Love You.

Waiting on the Lord to bestow
His Blessing upon those
Who wait for His Desire.

Thank You, Lord for options many
Thank You, Lord for peace and joy
Thank You, Lord for chocolate malted crunch ice cream.
Could You send some by angel express?

Thank You, Lord for guidance
Direction. Thank You, Lord
Because You know what's best.

Whisper. Sing it.
With the Wind bring it.
Doves descending
Hearts You're Rendering

Dates engraved in platinum
Will still serve when You brought together
Marry now
Or wait 'til later

Be the Author of Our Story
Thy Will Be Done
Give Jesus the Glory

Be Still, He Said
And know that I am God
Be Still, Moses said
And watch the Work of God

And while we wait
Do not find us idle
Keep us alert
Listening with eyes and ears

And a whole heart
And a sound mind
and a sober spirit
unplug our ears and get us ready

Speak. We desire to obey
Speak in Your Good Time
We desire to listen
We trust only You

Breathe on us.
Breathe on them.
Please answer their prayer

We want Your Blessing

Waiting on the Lord's permission
when He'd have them say
I do!


James said...

Thank you for your Prayers Mom! We covet each one that we get.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with James! We do covet your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.


*Beautifully written :)

joyce said...

Glad you liked it. Bob's poetry is much more structured and rhyming. He puts more time into it, too. I just let it flow. And I hate to edit. I try. I go back and think about fixing a line, and then talk myself out of it. ha.

In the fourth grade, we did poem notebooks for parents night. I misspelled the cover: PEOMS

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! PEOMS :)

Love it!