Friday, September 4, 2009

Light Rain

Thank You, Lord, for the light soaker rain. We needed it.

I shopped at Whole Foods yesterday!! I did the BUYcott.

Buying to support a company with a good CEO is so fun! No shouting. No standing on street corners. I can't do that. But, I can vote with my dollars. I have been for years and years. And so fun to say something to the clerk checking me out and see his eyes get big. Yes, I am one of those---supporting his store, and impressed with his CEO.

For years, I supported Walmart because I thought they were under attack by the dims. Now I have to rethink Walmart because they are getting in bed with the unions who beat up people at tea parties, and bite fingers off old men protesters.

The sweet young mom that organized the BUYcott, said they have raised over fifty-thousand in receipts. And her family has received death threats---from idiots working in schools, using their school computers with school logos. wow. Isn't it comforting to know these crusaders for the liberal ideals are teaching our children? She said they can't spell, too. Lovely.

It has been fascinating listening to the debate on the upcoming propaganda speech obama was/is going to make at some of the schools. I love what one mom said---here is a president all about himself. Wanting books about himself read to the kids, and wanting the students to write about how they can help the president. Barf. Skipped right over the rules---skipped right over the superintendent, school boards, vetting process, to push his agenda. And sees nothing wrong with it until parents rise up and protest. And another mom pointed out that the president is an idiot to give the same speech to K through 12. The kindergarteners will be talked over, and the kids in their junior, and senior years of high school may vote for the guy next time he tries to run for re-election. Yikes. Now the "White House" has backed down and re-written their lesson plans. How special.

The revolutionaries in the White House are going to keep pushing their agenda. They may water it down for a while, but they have not repented. They have not changed their minds about September Eleventh, they have not changed their minds about their radical ideas. They use people. They are even trying to use the art community.

And I agree with what the PJ website said about how obama uses his logo more than the Presidential Logo. It is all about him. narcisstic.

Hopefully, America has woken up. Hopefully, conservatives realize they have to be vigilant. Engaged. Watchful. On the lookout for their propaganda, and radical agenda. The press won't. The press, NBC in particular thinks they elected this president. They want the glory. They sell t-shirts in their gift shop that read: We did it. And the obama logo.

You are known by your friends. You are known by the company you keep, and obama is surrounding himself with the radicals, the old hippies, and far, far left. It is all about power, and control, and tearing down American and the Constitution.

Let's watch what this administration tries to do with Nine Eleven. Remember? Learn? Recommit to go after terrorists? Or, are they pushing some works, do-good, feel-good about yourself agenda?

And how about our troops? We lost 51 soldiers in August. And even now, in September, our troops are trying to remove the taliban from Afghanistan and we are paying dearly with two dear soldiers a day. And what does the press do? It is like there is a full court press right now to pull out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being ignored in the press. I have to hunt and peck through military blogs to find the stories of the heros. If we were still under the President Bush administration, the press would be grinding these numbers in our faces. The press would be spinning them negatively. And instead, the flag is at half staff for a womanizer? How dispicable is that?

I am getting down off my soap box now. Time to pray.

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AirmanMom said...

I join you in prayer for our military....the fallen deserved to be remembered! Those who sacrifice a year over there, deserved to be acknowledged.
What are we doing, turning this war into another VietNam, where the vets of this war will feel ashamed? Isn't this insanity?
It's simply wrong.'s your soapbox back ;)