Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning

James and Amber are in town, and presently, doing their "rock the dress" photo shoot. What fun! At a garden in Mineral Wells or Weatherford, by early morning golden light...

We ate supper last night at Cracker Barrel...every Friday night is catfish night, and Ben loves catfish. Ben showed us his new phone. He said he bought it on ebay, and has only had it for three days. So, his old phone called us Monday night and let us hear Ben "enjoying" the Monday night football game at 10:30pm. It left a message on our call notes thingy. Ben did not seem real happy about the outcome of the game, and voiced his opinion on the millions being paid to one of the players. It is a mystery how these cell phones make calls all on their own, unbeknownst to their owners. I remember one day we got a call from our youth pastor who was sitting at a train crossing, and his phone called us accidentally. And Bob says he had a co-worker that had a phone that would call him all the time as being a "B" he was the first one on the guy's speed dial list or something. It wasn't until the guy burst into song one day that Bob figured out who it was.

I doubt if Ben's new phone will call us accidentally. It is a fancy touch screen thing, with arabic letterings.

Yesterday, I got to babysit my friend's grandson all day. My friend was gone to Colorado on vacation, (and I can't wait to find out what they thought of the much, much cooler weather all week) and she usually keeps her grandson two or three days a week, and had arranged for me to keep him yesterday as his momma is a teacher at the local elementary school. The three year old enjoyed dumping all the toys out into one heap.
And matching things. We have a lot of sets---because when James and Ben were little, and only a year apart, we had exactly the same toy for each of them, and their names on the bottom. As they grew and discarded the toys, I kept the Chevron cars, as they are classics, and the Thomas the Tank sets. Soon as James or Ben have families of their own with little boys, I will gladly hand them over. Andy has already relieved me of the huge pillow cases of legos, and the erector set. I am getting too old to be sorting toys and a smaller stash will be just fine. I have been saving the wooden train set for someone, too. It is pretty durable, but the puzzle-type connections do break off if you have a rough player---who gets frustrated easily. And some little guys are just rough on toys. They need balls for throwing, and nerf balls for inside. My little three year old guest was a pretty good guy, but he wanted me closeby, and even in the back yard, sat right beside me and tried to talk me into helping him catch grasshoppers. I got to thinking that he goes to a different place every day. He was wore out by noon, and took a good hour and half nap, but then, the phone woke him, and while he tried, he could not go back to sleep, and I did not insist.

At one point, yesterday, the house was trashed. Coasters littered the floor, and toys made it hard to walk. Brings back memories. I am glad I had put up the Scrabble set, or we'd be missing tiles.

He was sure glad to see his momma when she picked him up at 3:45pm. And his momma frowned when I volunteered to pick up, as things needed sorting. But, I know she is trying to teach the little guy to pick up, so I should have just kept quiet, as I knew I could sort later. He was potty trained, thankfully. Which made it very easy. But, his method is to strip down, and then declare himself "done" so he needs help dressing. They make such cute little undies for boys---not just action figures, but cars from the movie, CARS, and soccer balls. Why don't they make such fun undies for guys now?? I have seen fun boxers, but none of mine wear boxers.

The misquitoes were pretty veracious yesterday. All the ten days of rain, and while I sprayed our clothing, and back of our legs and arms with off, we still say lots. And my bare arms we fed upon.

We get so set in our ways. My computer desk is no longer little kid proof. I should have cleared a shelf higher up and moved stuff up. It was a hoot when the little three year old "helped" me unload the dishwasher---he would put a glass to his mouth and then hand it to me. Another one to be rewashed.

Wow--a pigeon hawk just caught a sparrow or something in the shrubs.

Yesterday, I also noticed spider webs on the windchime. Kinda made me smile to think about the spider who decided this was a good place to build a web---when there was no wind. Like the idiots who build homes in flood plains, or that guy that built his house upon the sand.

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Bag Blog said...

After keeping a three year old, I'm surprised you had the strength to blog. Our house usually looks like a little tornado has blown through after the GGs leave. I think we are headed to get them now - we need little whirlwinds in our life.