Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today is James' birthday. I think he is out in the "field" doing training, but gets to go home tonight. But, he did send a message from his cell phone in the field about great plans this weekend. I hope they have fun.

Today is also my Mother's birthday. James was born on my Mother's 50th.

My water broke at the party store at noon where Andy and I were fetching items for his fifth birthday party coming up --- Saturday, the 12th. Once your water breaks, you are suppose to go check in at the hospital. So, I told Andy we would have to finish shopping another time. Andy asked the lady behind the counter, "what time do you close?"

Andy and I drove home, and a friend met us and babysat Andy so I could go on to the hospital. Bob would meet me there as he drove home from work. Labor progressed very slowly. They had me hooked up to a monitor, and when the doctor came in at 6pm to check on me, she decided to put a monitor in James' skull to check his oxygen levels, and his heart rate dropped. So, they did an emergency c-section. They were in a hurry. Had to get James out fast.

So James' birth was a scary time. And yet, fourteen months later, I would come back to the same doctor for a more relaxed, "planned" c-section. In fact, I was recommending c-sections to all my friends. But, being put under quickly for an emergency c-section is different than the drip method for a planned c-section, so I no longer say they are the way to go unless the baby is too big, or in distress.

My folks took video of when James was coming home from the hospital. Andy was holding a welcome home sign, but when asked how many boys live in our house, Andy said, just him. Just the one. He was about to get a baby brother, and then another a year later, when he started kindergarten. I wonder if Andy's memories of kindergarten include that double stroller and folks making over his baby brothers?!

And we have pictures and video of Andy's fifth birthday. My folks helped out, as I was in no shape. Bob did games, and it is so cute to see little cousins Jessica and Jonathan running around our back yard. They lived in Fort Worth at the time.

James was such an easy baby. When he was learning to talk, he would double up on the name of things: car-car, kitty-kitty, etc. Too cute.

No hair on his little blonde head for years. And fourteen months old before he walked. He crawled on all fours in the backyard as baby because he did not like the feel of grass on his knees. Kinda like an elephant walk, chasing the kitties. In my mind, his baby years are all mixed with his observing older brother, and a partner in crime younger brother. And mischief we will never forget, like flushing things down the potty, and "gassing" up the dryer with the garden hose through the dryer vent.

Happy Birthday, James! Thanks for the memories.

And Happy Birthday to my mom....let's see, fifty plus twenty-three is 73 ! And that means I am 53, as I was born when my mom turned 20.


Bag Blog said...

No matter that they grow up and their legs get hairy, they are still our little boys. Happy Birthday James!

joyce said...

James' bride called----she said James will suprise her and do dishes, much to her delight, and will even ask to draw her a bath. I am so glad he is being a good husband. 'cause he was such a good son, but then, we couldn't take credit for him.

Amber said they might get on post housing!! Yippee! That would be wonderful. Amber would feel safer. Especially, when James is in the field.

I wonder if Lauren asked Andy to draw her a bath, I wonder if Andy would take her too literally, and use pen and paper...or perhaps, crayons? Oh, dear. I learned the hard way not to ask Andy to put toothpaste on the grocery list.

Bob said...

That was a good day -- a bit scary for a moment or two, but it ended very well.