Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These New Fangled Communication Devices

When our TV started dying, over 13 years ago. We just let it go, because our boys were struggling to learn to read, and the TV was just too much of a distraction.

I prefer to hunt and peck for my news from conservative radio and online, anyway.

But, when my computer crashed last year?!? (I forget exactly when) and Bob bought me a new big screen, (for these old eyes) and a new stack, the computer came with a TV inside. It took us months to even stumble upon it. And our youngest son was visiting one day, and showed me how to use the remote thingy. The remote is symbols only, and I need words. So, whenever he'd visit, I'd ask for another tutoral if/when I thought of it, but the TV needed an antenae. Ben took the antenae off James' old TV, and attached it to the computer stack thingy, and a few channels came in, but the antenae needs adjusting for them. And the shock of seeing the sad shows available, and the irritating ads made us want to go slowly. We gave it a rest for a while.

When Ben told us that the Cowboy game would be on tv for opening day, as it was sold out, I tried to work the remote, but could only get a jerky video and jerky audio. Bob was ready to give up, but he tried adjusting the antenae, so by the third quarter, we were viewing a pretty good quality show. I saw my first ad for (ahem) cialus? Some product that made you want to do it outdoors, and yet, the disclaimers made you wonder if you should risk it. Blindness? Seriously? And we saw this ad for longer lashes that you paint on your eyelids, and the side effects include blindness. Do blind people care if they have long lashes? And the side effects list is LONG. Beer, and cars. Trucks and cars. More cars driving happily down curvy roads without drivers, apparently. Can't really see into the driver's seat with the tinted windows, and explosive special effects. Cars and trucks pireutting. Like they are on a turntable. or lazy susan. If only...it would make for easier egress from the driveway. ha

Bob and I tried again last night. Some show called "Heroes" but these hero types had special super powers, and some were bad guys. Very gory. I am not comfortable with men beating women on screen. I guess it is all the rage now.

And speaking of these new fangled devices---we got the strangest call last night at 10:30pm. We had gone on to bed, and let the call notes thingy pick it up. But, when I got up to go to the bathroom later, and remembered, I checked the caller ID thingy and noticed it was from Ben, so I went ahead and listened to the message. His phone somehow mysteriously called us and we got to hear him (uhem) "enjoying" a football game. Sounded like he was yelling at the screen, and somehow the 6 million dollar salary the football player received was wasted. We could hear his roommate comment, but Ben's comments were loud and animated. Strange.

Have you ever had someone's phone call you "accidentally"? Either you are on their speed dial list, and they happened to hit the two numbers in their pocket or something? Abby called us once this way. And one day, years and years ago, we got a call from the youth pastor. It sounded like he was in his car and the phone had called us from his pocket.

Wonderful cooler weather made it to our house last night. Powerful string of storms last night, and now thunder and lightning and showers again this morning. Better post this before I lose it.

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Bag Blog said...

I have received "accidental" calls, but it has been a while ago. Now and then I get "unauthorized" calls from my grand-daughter. She called one time from under her bed where she thought her mother could not reach her.

I'm glad Ben enjoyed the game :)