Thursday, September 10, 2009

What/who are your idols?

Wow---good stuff by Pastor Mark Driscoll talking to other ministers at a conference.

What do you worship? What would you grab if your house was on fire?

Where do I sacrifice my time? money? emotion?

Idolatry dishonors God. destroys relationships---because if you worship your mate, he/she will not meet your expectations, or if/when your children sin and fail, does that upset you?

What you idolize, you demonize the others---who do I demonize who dares disagree? Sometimes church fights are fights between idols. Who/whom do you trust? Idols are taking a good thing and turning it into a god. money, family, marriage, children. See the 10th plague. Supposidly, each plague pointed out the gods of the Egyptians.

You can't love what you are "using" as an idol for security, safety, etc.

Idol kids are selfish, self-righteous.

Sexual idols---exchanging the truth for a lie. homosexuality, worshipping the body, do you view the human body as an act of worship? God hands you over to shameful lusts. Sex is the number one religion in the world. Going to bed with someone before you are married is offering your body on the altar of the bed---storing up wrath for the day of judgment. Porn is a worship issue. Porn is an idolatry issue.

Substance idolatry---drugs, alchohol, food. Is your god your stomach? gluttony. What does your denomination hold to as a tradition of gluttony?

When stressed? what do you do? what functional savior do you grab? We even have drive through idolatry--you don't have to get out of your car.

There is morality idolatry, worshipping performance. recycling. pets.
There is people idolatry--fearing man instead of God. Who do you live in fear of? Who do you hold in awe? Who do you want a picture with? or their signature? Do you need people for identity or security? You can't really love them when you replace God with people. From peer pressure to people pleasing to co-dependency which is idolatry.

Does your joy change when the numbers or giving drops?

Does your office/title matter too much to you?

How do you define win? What does your twitter, blog or facebook say about who/what you worship? We are always worshipping something or someone.

Tonight, my husband and son are checking out the newest temple of worship---the new Cowboy Stadium. Is football wrong? No. But, it could be for some folks.

Prove me Lord. Test me and show me what I idolize. In Jesus name. Amen.

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