Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogging is for longer thoughts.

Nine-nine-oh,nine. Neat date on the calendar today. I read on blogs of some getting married on this day, and how the British use 999 for emergencies.

My morning routine usually involves listening to Mark Davis on WBAP, but I turned over to listen to Glen Beck and heard about the call to action to contact our senators about the confirmation Harry Reid is trying to slip through tooooo quickly today, Cass I called Kay Baily Hutchenson's office. It took a few redials. The clerk said she'd pass on the message this afternoon. And she wanted my zip code. Then I called John Coryn's office and a man answered, and I asked if it was true that John Coryn was voting against this confirmation and he said, yes, so I got to thank him. Fun call. Kay Bailey's--not so fun. I sure hope she does not come back to Texas and try to run for governor. Yuck.

Congratulations to Scott and Liz at the B-cast! Whoop! Scott was interviewed live on the radio on Glen Beck this morning. Pam Keys at Naked Emporer News has sent the B-Cast more informative Van Jones connections---Pam and the B-Cast are doing the job the main stream media refuses to do.

Pam found connections ---its all about relationships, and who you chose to associate with---between Van Jones, Obama, Valorie and Pastor Jeremiah Wright at the Black Radical Congress of 1998, and 2000, and 2002--where Obama attended, and spoke at the 2002 one. "Hip hop music is a weapon of community organizers." And the Ella Baker foundation---where Van Jones badmouthed the Minutemen as vigiliantees on Cinquo de Mayo.

The B-cast has all the links. Van Jones whined he was brought down by a conspiracy of lies---wow---lies right out of his own mouth? They have the audio and videos and attendee lists to prove it.

Blogging is good for these longer thoughts. Twitter is good for quicker news to act on, and links. Facebook is good for pictures and chatting with friends and family. But, facebook resists links. And Twitter is no good for pictures unless you have flicker. I need to find a tutorial for Twitter. I need Twitter for dummies---how to retweet.

Congratulations to Mudpuppy! I sure hope he keeps blogging. We need his stories from Afghanistan as a soldier. And now we need his views about what is going on so that we can do our part for the troops over there, and for the ones headed over there soon. I think both Mudpuppy and the other soldier I follow (age 57) in Iraq were featured in the New York Times article.

More later...

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