Sunday, September 6, 2009

What is the story behind the Van Jones story?

The main stream media, MSM has been ignoring the Van Jones story that Fox and Glenn Beck, and the right wing bloggers have researched. Now, we find out, at midnight, the White House releases a statement saying Van Jones has resigned, and not very gracefully, either.

But, midnight??

Since when did the White House release statements at midnight?

We all looked for it Friday afternoon or evening as that is usually their time to dump stories quietly into the vacuum of the slow news cycle of the weekend. And this being a Labor Day holiday and all....

When has another story being so timed by the White House? (as if the White House is a person)

And oh, the spinning has begun---fired/resigned because he said disparaging things about the GOP?? Hell, I have too. If that is a cause for firing, then ALL the czars must go, eh? right. ha

Vicious lies? pesky facts, morelike.

Van Jones did not sound repentent. Did you notice that? Will he still be a friend and confidant to Obama? Shudder.

And I agree with the twitterers and the bloggers---who hired the guy knowing full well his past and speeches of just last April?? Even Nancy Pelosi gushed over the guy.

The msm must think we are stupid. Springing it on a slow news cycle of a holiday weekend is gonna backfire---the sunburned, or rained out, or bored among us, hungry for news, will scratch their heads at this "new" news.

But, midnight? I want to know more about how this story broke. Did they give old Van one last lament? One big going away party? Or was he so bitter and clingy that he held on a day toooo long? Why not release it Sunday night? It must have been sucking the air out of all things obama. Distracting from Labor Day, the propaganda speech to the children on Tuesday, and the "clear" speech on healthcare on Wednesday.

Did Van Jones go to Camp David to say goodbye to obama?

Were workers at the White House kept up all night crafting the spin for the networks?

Mean old republicans, threatening to investigate a green czar that dared to be "truthful" about the social agenda behind the green propaganda front.

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