Saturday, September 19, 2009



Part of me wonders why the present test ? What is God teaching me through this?

We did everything right. We insured our family, paying the monthly premiums on time every month. We taught our boys that every incident, no matter how small, no matter what was said or done must be reported just in case... And now, two years later, we have one of those "cases".

Two years ago, one October day, James drove home for lunch. Turning right onto a busy street, he looked back and not seeing anyone, he proceeded, and assumed the lady in the car in front of him had moved on, and bumped her accidentally. Pictures taken by the insurance company of both vehicles could find NO damage. But, the girl found a lawyer---no, make that three lawyers, and went to a chiropractor, and accrued medical bills---which our insurance company offered to pay---but no, this girl and/or her lawyer want more. So, they are suing James.

Our insurance company rep named Dan called last week and warned that things had developed this way despite their desire to "settle". And to send him everything and anything we were "served".

The courier finally found us at home Thursday night. But, at first insisted it had to be James, even though we paid for the policy, and then the insurance rep, Dan, explained that James was the driver and the owner of the truck.

Bob says it is nothing. Handle it with humor. But, when the courier talked about how he could tell we were a military family, and how we must be proud of our son, I choked up. And Bob called to find out the latest after many calls, and I was still choked up. Silly woman.

It made me think---we don't want to burden James with this. He is busy training. And newlywed. He will never know the hours we have spent dealing with phone calls, visits, paperwork, faxing, copies, etc. And why make him feel guilty? Someday, if he has children, he will do the same to protect his family, and be ready, willing, and able to be prepared for any and all "accidents" or incidents.

And it made me think about how much trouble God went through for us. From eternity past, God planned, and declared, and moved---first to create, but also knowing what all that creation would do. And He continues to move and work for us---most of which we will never understand nor see. And Jesus went to all the unspeakable trouble dying on the cross for all the sins of the whole world---even though many will never appreciate it nor understand. In fact, many reject all the work He did, and think that their pitiful works are enough to get them into heaven. I heard a chaplain at a medal of honor ceremony in the White House pray that the brave service and sacrifice of the troops was going to buy them a ticket to heaven.

Each of our three sons had their share of vehicle challenges---from accidents to a transmission dropping out. And we are so thankful that they did not suffer harm---even when James hopped across the freeway on ice---he did suffer a bump on his head, and the chiropractor was able to put him right. I remember an incident in the grocery store parking lot with Ben riding a grocery cart before he even got his license. And those one-car accidents hitting curbs distracted by a female jogger, and taking a turn too fast.

So, whatever it is we are suppose to learn from this test---I hope we pass the test with flying colors. If the girl suffered injury, I pray doctors help her. And I pray God to curse this girl if she is looking for money to support her lifestyle. I pray this case be resolved, settled, so that it no longer hangs over James or my family. Your will be done. She is on her third lawyer. And the courier called back, and has changed his mind about finding just James. Hopefully, our insurance company can handle it now. They are used to going to bat for our guys in the military.

And I pray for poise. I gotta quick choking up every time...

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