Saturday, September 5, 2009


Our Sallycat does not get along with the neighbors outdoor cats.

This morning, we heard major hissing and yee-owling, so Bob wandered out front to investigate, and let Sallycat back inside, if she was ready.

Then I hear the front hose being turned on as if he was watering, but when I looked to the kitchen window, it looked like he was watering the roof.

"What are you doing?"

"just watering..."

"watering what?"

"the neighbor's cat"

"which one? catwoman? hitler?" (poor kitty has an unfortuneat mustache)

My dear husband gives me blog fodder first thing in the morning! I love it!

Here I feed the neighbor's cats, as they catch mice. Our Sallycat will sit two inches from a bird and mee-ow at it. But, the neighbor's cats will catch mice that stupid to sit near a cat. I also enjoy watching the neighbor's cats play in our back yard. It is free entertainment. I even have leftover catfish in the frig from Crackerbarrel last night...

Bob says he was just trying to protect Sallycat as the neighbor's cat chased her up a tree. I will let him comment on that.


Bag Blog said...

Recently my mom was in Red River, NM, staying with friends when a bear came up on their porch. The wife called animal control, but the husband got the water hose and sprayed the bear scaring it off. What is it with men and water hoses?

Bob said...

Bag Blog--
We mean spend our entire lives "aiming" to please the women who don't like cleaning toilets and you have to ask: "What is it with men and water hoses?"

Gladys said...

I love how you two work together ;)

Mrs. JP said...

After all this time following your hubby's blog he finally put in a link to yours!! I'm so glad to able to read your side of the stories!!