Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!

I was not sure what all to blog about. But, having just had the gift of a skype call from the Granddaughter, that sounds like a good thing to blog about. So cute to see that they have plenty of room in their living room for a tent. The perfect size for a little girl's playhouse. She dragged out the blankets for us to see and of course, Woody, from Toy Story. She can quote the lines about his arm, too.

We have had such wonderful rain all weekend---noisy rain, heavy rain, quiet soakers. Surely the rivers and lakes are full. And we have enjoyed havin the windows open all weekend, too. Fun to hear the birdies at the feeder. The doves are so noisy with their wings, and the cardinal fusses at any sparrows trying to share the birdfeeder. The cardinal announces his coming and going, too with his distinctive clicks.

Good sermon at church. A nap this afternoon in my chair. Bob worked on his Sunday School lesson for next Sunday some, but I can tell when he is farming because the clicks pick up the pace. Harvesting carrots on the facebook farmville game.

A little laundry, a little folding, a load of dishes...and a lazy day looking at stories on the internet. The 911 videos were amazing. And Atlas had the 911 documentary of the French filmmakers who were following a new fireman as he learned his job when the towers were hit. They followed firefighters into the buildings, and they all miraculously survived from that station. It is a beautiful story. I wonder what Jule and Gedeon Naudet are doing today? I noticed on google that they came under attack for their documentary. But, it was done so well. It is like they had become brothers to the firemen.

And the Tea Parties---two million descended on Washington DC and the press refuses to talk about it. Amazing. So many wonderful blogs have pictures up of the homemade signs. One of my favorites: "It does not matter what this sign says, you will call it racist". Bcast has links to the videos, too of the huge crowds, speakers and signs.

Bob works downtown Fort Worth on Monday and Tuesday. So, he will be travelling back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth by car instead of trains. And the train schedule changes this week, so when Bob gets on a train on Wednesday---10 minutes earlier or later...but somehow shorter trip.


Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!!

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Pablo from Argentina

joyce said...

Thanks, Pablo--the stamps on your site are beautiful! I like the space/observatory ones. But, I have an aunt who raised sheep--she'd like the sheep stamps from Argentina.

Mrs. JP said...

What a great post. Aren't ordinary days just the best blessing? Nothing earth shattering to deal with just doing what we do.