Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garbage Wrestling

Here in the big city, we city folks have to wrestle with our garbage so that it is on the curb on the correct day in the correct wrappings. After ten days of rain, the "fresh scent" of the kitty litter was overpowering. So, I ventured out to the huge pet temple of worship and purchased a box of "unscented" kitty litter. "free of perfumes and frangrances" it promises on the box.

And dumping the dust and grit from the vacuum in the trash---that goes to the street, and the bathroom trash cans, and the kitchen trash...it ought to smell nice in here now! With just the two of us now, we can go a week and could easily live with once a week pick up.

Now to remember to set the recycling bin at the curb... ha

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