Saturday, September 19, 2009

More than just coincidence!

I just love it when God orchestrates a meeting, don't you?

I knew we needed gas, and Bob requested a whataburger for lunch, so headed out the door on these errands, Bob reminded me that we still needed to re-supply our matsa so he could use them in a future Sunday school lesson.

When I got in the car, the you-need-gas light was not lit, so I figured I could both swing through the post office, and run by Tom Thumb to get the matsa as they always have it. And lo and behold, I decided I'd better get the matsa first before I was distracted and forgot what I was shopping for there...and (just happened??!!) to see a lady that lives near by, and get caught up on her news. A lady that we have been praying for, and don't see often, and who used to let us pick up her step-sister and take her to our church. Getting to see her and visit with her was a gift---one which I could not have planned, and yet one which I hope God uses. wow. It had to be God. What are the odds?

I could not wait to get home and tell Bob!

And I even remembered to get gas and his burger! I swung through McDonalds for mine---and there is a language barrier/challenge with the guy taking the order. But, I have learned to just roll with it. He tries. He really does. I just pay what he said I owed, and it makes it a suprise when you get to the other window and are handed two teas. Somehow that is what the order taker heard. okay. It doesn't matter. I was still on cloud nine for being part of a miracle.

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Bag Blog said...

God's orchestra is always so much better than mine.