Friday, August 1, 2008

Warrior Home

Our Army son is home for a few days. What fun! We have an appointment to get a hitch installed on his truck, and we will probably eat at all his favorite places today and tomorrow...

And we finally got to reveal the surprise--

Bob made me keep it a secret until he pulled into the drive: vanity plates on our car in honor of James. When James was in first grade, his teacher called me from the copy room and showed me what James had done during her lesson, "Fortunately... and Unfortunately..." Apparently this was a yearly lesson because when I ran into her at the grocery store years later, she reminded me that it was time for that lesson again. On the first page, James had illustrated, "Fortunately, I have a BODM," and then, "Unfortunately, I FRTIID..." with a picture of said BODM and little circles for the expressed air. I had to try and keep a straight face with a very serious (at the time) first grade teacher. Sadly, she died this year of cancer, so in a way, this license plate honors her, too.

The State of Texas lets you play around with seven letters on their website, and so the plates have "TEXAS" in big letters on the top of the plates, and then, our special word, and then the state slogan, "The Lone Star State". Or, you can have any slogan from any crusade put on the bottom of the plates. It was so much fun picking up the plates the other day in downtown Fort Worth. Fort Worth is a very laid back downtown. Not too crowded. And never a line. I was afraid they would not allow me to have such plates, because, in some dictionaries, FART, is a naughty word. And I had the cute story ready, how this was to honor a recently deceased and loved first grade teacher that all my boys somehow managed to get. But, the clerk lady keyed it in without blinking. Our plates are also incrypted on the windshield label. One of these days, dear husband is gonna get stopped for his fast driving, and it will be so fun to see the police officer's face.

Now go over to Bob's site and see our nephew in Iraq!

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