Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today, Thursday, we took the 1997 plymouth minivan to Walmart and got four new tires. Then Bob did some yard work, and I picked up some pine cones down the street for an elderly man who is not doing very well. He ususally keeps his yard trim and clean, so I knew something was up when his street became littered with pinecones after the storm.

At noon, Bob and I met with old friends from church who live near Decatur, Texas. I write to them, and keep in touch, and since they live on the way to Lawton, this looked like a good day to meet up. James has a four day weekend, but needed to turn in his rental today. So, we drove up to Lawton to pick him up. We actually met him at the car rental place, then helped him finish putting together his vacuum and headed back to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

It was a beautiful day. Horse tail clouds. Pretty sunrise and sunset.

But, I am bleary-eyed, and I did not do any of the driving. Tomorrow is Friday, and I get test results face to face with the gynochologist. Time for bed. I ought to sleep good tonight, all that good exercise and fresh air. Bob put pre-emergent in both the front and back yard, so no pesky weeds this year. Ha. Henbit is thick in some yards already. It has a pretty purple bloom, and our bright yellow dandelion population has exploded. I saw my first blooming violet today---white tinged with a hint of purple.

Lawton is only three hours northwest. Rolling hills, with a few under cultivation for cotton and hay around the Red River. But, mostly just grazing land dotted with water ponds for the cattle. Saw a few calves. But, Lawton is a busy, busy, crowded place. I lost count of the little shops and businesses. When you get back out on I-44, it is almost barren compared to the streets of Lawton.

James said he felt useful today. His boss told him something chemical corps-wise that he was trained to do, and he said he felt confident to do it. That is good.

And the grandbaby who has pneumonia is on the mend, hopefully. Appetite back, and firstborn said the grandbaby was the happiest sick child at the doctor's office today. Drumming with tongue suppressors. Nighty-night.


Bob said...

Yeah, it was a busy day. (Uh, they're called "tongue DE-pressers".)

Syndi said...

Good Luck on your gyn appointment today. I pray the news is "standard" and that an easy solution is available.

And my goodness....surely the doc will have a better bedside manner than the sono tech!