Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday in Texas

In new cars today, that maintenance required light comes on close to oil change time. I don't know why the light just doesn't say, "time to change oil." So, I drove down to the repair shop we use, thinking I would save money instead of driving to the dealership where they charge over fifty bucks for an oil change and tire rotation, and come up with all sorts of other items that it is somehow time to change. We have spent over $500 in the year we have had this toyota minivan in oil changes, tire rotations, and a long list of torque this and check that. Yikes. I wish we had purchased the full service plan when we bought it. It would have about paid for itself now. Next time...

It was not a savings to go to the closer place. They are friendly, and honest, but the oil filter and gasket is expensive for them. I had over an hour to read through my manual and learn things about the car. The headlights were a mystery to me on the trip to Lawton. Apparently, they shut themselves off under certain conditions. I have yet to re-create those conditions in my own driveway. Ha. I am used to the plymouth beeping at me that I have left lights on. The toyota does not beep. It figures you wanted the lights left on so you could see to get inside the house.

And the Kennedale Walmart is worth the trip because they have stools to sit upon when choosing which pictures to print out from the digital camera. I went back through both little fingernail sized memory chips and printed out a few more to finish filling up the album, and get a few extras to send in letters for relatives and friends who do not email nor have computers.

And I have been doing laundry. I found out the front loader does not like to do just one big towel. Oh, well. It was stained, and now the stain is out, so I just added more to make a bigger load. No biggie. Oh how I wish someone would invent carpet in machine washable squares...

Bob beat me at Scrabble. Bingo-ed during the first round with LOOPERS.

Each one of James' places he has trained or been stationed so far have been different. This current one required him to find his own apartment, which involves getting his own utilities hooked up. He thought he had done the electrical hook up correctly, but had not received a bill, and was amazed that they cut him off with no warning. Having to learn the hard way about deposits, and local electric companies. It is a lot to learn when signing leases, contracts, and listening to instructions. I am sure they threw a lot at him. He found the line and should be back up tomorrow. I hate to tell him, but if/when he finds a bigger place, or moves to a house---all these deposits and hook ups have to be done over again. I don't think his apartment has anything gas in it, but I tried to explain that every month, we send a check to the power company, a check to the natural gas company (now in Arizona---with a nineteen digit account number...don't get me started...) and a check to the local City of Arlington for water/sewer/garbage services. Every month. And never at a convenient time of month. These utility bills always arrive just after I have paid the other bills, yet these are somehow due before the next paycheck, so I have to remember that. Every month. And the natural gas folks want it SEVEN days before it is due. The postal service must be still using pony express between Texas and Arizona. I kid you not.

I also got two packages mailed using the nifty automated machines before the post office opened this morning. But, do not turn your head and help someone while using them, as they time out. Yikes. When it says stick the card in and chose a method of payment, hesitate not, or you get to start over.

I feel like I got a lot done. But, regrets, I have a few...and dealing with cars, car maintenance, and car repairs---I know it could be worse. At least I don't have to deal with horses and manure. We are pretty spoiled with our modern day mode of transportation. We have it so easy with washers and dryers, and dishwashers, and refrigeration. Sometimes it does not feel like work. I tell myself that when throwing a load in on a Sunday.

Scott on the B-Cast will be glad to know I got clothes folded while watching today. Thanks to Scott and Liz on the B-Cast, the stories that the MSM is ignoring are getting more play. I saw them in blogs today, and heard some on the radio, too. Rush mentioned the story about the Muslim TV broadcaster that beheaded his wife. The irony in that story is that the Muslim started his station to be a bridge of understanding between the west and Muslim world, and then he murders his wife when she wants a divorce. This was more than domestic violence. But, the MSM won't touch the story. Cowards. Oh, but they will play the chimp on a rampage a hundred times.

Time for bed...


Bob said...

Busy day. As I told you earlier, you may feel like you've been taken, but I got a bargain -- I married you.

Bag Blog said...

I usually have the our oil changed in Lawton at the Toyota dealership. I make sure that Toby is waiting on my phone call - the one that says, "Hon, they want to do this and this and this to our car, and it will cost you 500$" He usually says, "No, no, no, and no." I really hate dealing with grease monkey/shysters.

joyce said...

On one receipt, I read, "perform power steering fluid flush and add power steering cleaner---71.01 And that was at the 20,000 miles oil change.

I still have a coupon for a free oil change at the dealership in Mineral Wells---I am tempted to go get the tires rotated at exactly 25,000 miles because then it will be easier to remember.