Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Normal

James got to come home this weekend. We got to hear all about his first week of in-processing and starting to learn a new job. A lot will have to wait until he is has security clearance---no telling how long that takes. But, he received pep talks, wise counsel and learned a little about his unit. Some are cycling home. A group of twenty-six get to come home next weekend, and I sure hope these guys get home in time for Valentine's Day, don't you? I don't know how long their deployment was to Iraq, but I am sure they can't wait to get home.

And I gotta plan meals better. Be flexible. Be ready. Bob was working on his lesson most of the day, and then helped James with car stuff this afternoon.

And I took a nap on a Saturday. How decadent is that? I needed it. As I have not been sleeping very well. I almost have all the laundry done up. And we listened to another Mars Hill Church sermon. Helps put things in perspective. I had not considered the repentance is a gift from God. God had to have invented it. It sure isn't from Satan.

It got so warm here today. Almost eighty. And that is inside! I was ready to turn on the AC. I got so sweaty doing dishes, or folding clothes. What a contrast to a Valentine's Day six or so years ago when it snowed! I remember it was a Saturday because Bob was home from work, and made a snowman soldier out front, and our friend was so impressed he called the Star Telegram photographer. We still have pictures of some not-so-patriotic snowmen Bob formed as a teenager in El Paso. Talk about a traffic stopper.

A new normal--quiet week days in the routine of Bob going to work, and coming home, and Scrabble and laundry and grocery shopping. And weekends of James and Amber getting excited about planning their wedding. How can we help? And how can we encourage? I am so afraid of messing this up.

James' rental has to be turned in the 12th, and he gets to come home that weekend, but be ready to help welcome the returning heroes, so there is the potential of quite a few trips back and forth to Lawton next week. If we can help James by picking him up Thursday night, the 12th, and if he is ready, willing, and able to get another car, and if the returning soldiers come in Saturday or Sunday or Monday... there should not be a boring moment.

And next weekend is Valentine's Day --- and falling on a Saturday, we can stretch it out and celebrate Friday and Sunday, too, eh? For lovers, every day is Valentine's Day. The Valentine's Day chocolate has been in the stores since Christmas. All that red and pink---whew.

And how to transport these knives safely to Lawton? Steak knives, paring knives, and one for chopping big stuff, and the apple corer. I am stumped. And he needs some spoons. For cereal. I am sending all the plastic I have just in case we don't get to the spoons this weekend. And a haircut. James said he needed a haircut... (later---a box within a box for the knives, and labeled, should do the trick.)

New Normal, here we come.

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