Friday, February 13, 2009


Yes, they fired the sonogram technician, and then they fussed at me for not saying something!

Too funny. First thing in the door, while I was checking in for today's follow up appointment, the receptionist and nurse started apologizing about the rude sonogram tech. And they wondered aloud why I did not say anything. I had no idea she was from a medical agency they use. Lots of women complained on Wednesday, and so they fired the tech and rescheduled all the Thursday appointments, too. Wow. Glad to hear it was not just me.

The doctor said my blood tests were fine, thyroid fine, hormones fine. And she said I have one small marble sized fibroid. She was not worried about that. She said the uterus lining was very thick. And she recommended a D&C to "start over" and then if there is no cancer, start on a hormone therapy. Strange. If my hormone levels are fine, why hormone therapy??

Okay, any D&C horror stories anyone out there want to share?? The doctor said it is an outpatient procedure, they put you out for ten minutes, she scrapes the inside of the uterus, and then they wake you up and you go home. You can't drive yourself. But... piece of cake.

I think I will get a second opinion. What is the hurry? She said not to go another month, but, hey... And she said I am not menopausal. Just premenopausal. Okay. So, I will have super heavy periods because I have a super thick lining. I hesitate to take hormones unless absolutely necessary because of breast cancer concern, and because I don't do well with drugs.

The blood clots are from the lining. She said the the blood comes out and sits and forms clots and starts stinking. Glad to get that question answered.

I don't know that I got all my questions answered, and yet I felt pressured that the D&C was what this doctor just wanted to do and yet, she admitted that if the hormone therapy did not work, then there may be a need for a hysterectomy in my future. And the hysteroscopy might have shown her things, but the D&C is like a really, really big hysteroscopy. Great. My words, not hers. She won't rule out cancer until after the D&C. The pap smear only checks for cervical cancer? Is there such as thing as uterine cancer?? And wouldn't the blood work have shown a need for further tests?? But, my blood work was "fine", so why are we needing to do a D&C??


JAMIE'S CREW said...

have I worn out the welcome mat?

So glad to hear that they fired that tech.

If I haven't worn out my welcome, I can share a bit on my experiences as relate to your post!

joyce said...

Heck no, you have not worn out your welcome--I welcome any wise counsel you can give!

My niece had a D&C in Indonesia after a miscarriage, and said it was a breeze. Ten minutes, and her husband got to stay with her. (She just emailed.)

Have you had a D&C??

Syndi said...


I follow your blog from my friend Jamie. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2001. It was an easy procedure, one night in the hospital and by 2 days after dismissal, I attending a wedding celebration. I would most definitely pursue a second opinion. I agree the facts as presented do not add up.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Oh good. So glad we get to continue chatting!

I haven't had a D & C. But, as I understand it, the uterus creates a lining every month in preparation for getting pregnant. Then when fertilization doesn't happen, the uterus sloughs off that lining and thus we have our periods.

But, and this is the part I am not sure I have a good understanding of - if you lining is abnormally thick - this constant bleeding must be your body's effort to shed the excess lining.

I guess the D&C is an artificial way of getting rid of the too-thick lining and give you a 'fresh start' so to speak.

Not sure about the hormone therapy, but hey, you can always ask her to clarify before she writes the prescription.

And, it is your right to ask for a 2nd opinion.

Take care!

joyce said...

Thank you all for the wonderful, encouraging comments. I sure appreciate them! Since I was not totally sure which week I was on, the warning from the doctor that my lining was thick when I had started was a help. The doctor warned of a super heavy period again, and even, "gushing". But, since I know it is from a super heavy lining, it is not as scary this time. Just very messy. Sitting on towels and changing pads often. The towels protect the chairs when the pads leak or give way, and it is easier to launder the towels than my chairs. Ha. Too much information?

I did read on the internet--and I know you can't believe everything on the internet, but I did read of stories of heavy periods right before menopause! That is encouraging. And then there are also the stories of thick lining being uterus cancer---so getting the second opinion will be a good idea for getting that ruled out.

I thought I had a nifty little list of questions when I went to the doctor, but I have thought of sixteen more since I got home!

Thanks again, everyone. Since we ladies are very complicated creatures, I think that the more we share, the better.

And I am so thankful for my patient, loving, super-helpful husband who listens to me rant and rave, and helps me clean up after myself. Good thing he is a guy and not easily grossed out. And he has a great sense of humor.

Happy Valentines Day, dear friends!