Tuesday, February 24, 2009


All this talk today about pancakes---everywhere you turn, on the radio, online, has made me hungry all day for pancakes. I even started calculating whether I could get to McDonalds by 10am to get some. Ha. Out of eggs---next I started thinking about getting to Braum's to get eggs, and then make some. But, my pancakes are way, too healthy. I can't just make pancakes. I have to add healthy stuff---like oatmeal, olive oil, molasses---and more eggs than is called for. And I am not even Catholic.

My James loves pancakes, and I have been too lazy to get 'er done. So, whilst in the mood this afternoon, I am making pancakes. And next time James visits---we will be ready.

My favorite spatula broke. The thinnest--actually a cookie spatula, but alas, there was a weakness in the bend. Oh, well. I have been keeping my beady eyes out for another for a while, because for pancakes, I need one just a bit bigger.

Today's batch is not holding together very well. Maybe not enough eggs. If I eat any more ugly ones, I won't want any supper. Ha.

We ran the furnace last night and I heard it again this morning, but it is eighty degrees inside now...not exactly pancake making weather. but, best to get 'er done when in the mood.

Pancakes used to be Bob's Dad's favorite fast meal. And with diabetic syrup---he got really good at it. An egg, some flour and milk, a spot of oil---or butter. He would frown upon all my additions.

What is your favorite thing in or on a pancake? Blueberries? pecans? whipped cream?


JAMIE'S CREW said...

I pretty much just like the basic pancakes. (Unless someone else is cooking - then bring on the additions!) Usually Bisquick's recipe with the added sugar, baking powder and lemon juice.

I am unhappy with my electric griddle though - the first couple of batches are beautiful and brown - then each batch begins to pale a bit more until I have a bunch of blonde pancakes to offer.

The griddle doesn't seem to keep the proper heat even though I have the dial set up as high as it will go.

Do you use a cast iron skillet? I actually do not own one. I am ot sure if it would work on my smooth top range.

I am not sure I love my smooth top range, in any case.

joyce said...

I do use an iron skillet. And a glass lid to help them cook through. You might try giving them a lid.

The first four just were not holding together, so I added two more eggs, and the rest looked great, though thinner, and rubbery. But, I froze them in batches of three and put the baggies in the freezer so all James has to do is pull one out, and microwave it for a minute. James eats them plain. But, I like lots of butter and honey.

Bag Blog said...

When my brother (the hippie, liberal, lawyer from Austin) got divorced, I went to Austin to help him move and take care of his kids. He had all of this "health food" which made some pretty nasty pancakes. After one bite, I decided to toss the pancakes to the dogs - much to the delight of my niece and nephew who had never fed their dogs pancakes.

Syndi said...

We use Pioneer Baking mix, but I would love to have the recipe in which you add oatmeal, nuts, etc. DH and I love the nut and grain cakes at IHOP but seems expensive to have breakfast there only for the cakes!

Anonymous said...

Bananas.Chocolate chips. Yum! :)

or German panckaes with lemon butter and brown sugar. delish!


joyce said...

I used Pilsbury pumpkin cake mix with four eggs, 1 cup old fashioned oats ground up in the coffee grinder, a splash of olive oil, a splash of molasses, 1/4 cup sugar, and enough milk to make thin batter. For blueberry pancakes, I have used blueberry jam or jelly.

they tasted pretty good with butter and honey this morning when I microwaved a few to taste test. Still could not get Bob to be my guinea pig. Had to do it myself.

joyce said...

I found this recipe for German pancakes---using an iron skillet and oven---looks interesting---is this what you have eaten, Amber?