Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Temps in the fifties today. A little too chilly to open the windows, but it is a bright, clear day here in Texas.

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex---peek into the sky at 6:54 pm tonight and watch the International Space Station, ISS, float overhead from the NNW. It should be VERY bright. In fact, you will think it is an airplane, but it does not blink or wink at your like an airplane. It should be brighter than Venus. Right as we are going into Bible Class at church---we should be able to pause and watch, as we never get started right at 7pm.

Vacuuming this morning---amazing how much just two or three people and one cat can generate.

Clean sheets alert. A little laundry, a little clothes folding, a load of dishes...and lunch with my friend, Mary who has a birthday tomorrow. Mary is very flexible. We both have sons that live in the area and have odd days off. So, we understand if the adult son shows up at our door for a visit. Mary's son showed up yesterday, so we cancelled lunch, and I went on to Walmart and got some shopping done. And a few weeks ago, we had to cancel when my Ben showed up on a rainy day when he could not get on roofs. But, today, we were back on, and drove up to the nicer, Northeast mall Chick-fill-you up. It was crying day there, as the toddlers were getting a little aggressive in the play area. Lots of cute little kids with curls. One mom was holding a baby with more hair than any of my babies ever had. Too cute. Sometimes we hit the nearby Michaels or Joanne's when the yarn is on sale. But, today, she came back to my house to see my progress on re-arranging rooms and pictures since James moved to Lawton. Mary and I only live a block from each other, in fact, our houses are part of the 100 little houses that all have the same floor plan, except her entrance is on the south and mine is on the north. So, when I asked her advice about closet door cloth coverings, she knew exactly the opening I was talking about. These houses were all built back in the early sixties. Some have cannabalized the garages, and a few have added second stories. I just don't want to put the big, eight foot tin doors back, as they come off the track easily, and the one in the attic is probably beyond gross. One old door is in the little house. We still have both of them, but I don't know...

Watching Brietbart TV online. Mark Steyne was funny subbing again for Rush Limbaugh today.

9:52 pm Bob just beat me at Scrabble after church. 372 to 236 Bob bingo-ed three times in a row for his second, third and fourth round. That is a first. Wow.

At church tonight, we let people know about the pass, and had folks standing outside watching at 6:54pm. It was the best pass. Bright, and right overhead, and right by the moon, and it hung in the sky for a long time. I think, even the little kids from Awanas saw it. Our church parking lot has a great view of sunsets and the full sky. It was fun. Then we went inside and Pastor Mark taught from Luke 13.

We talked to James after church, and walked him through using the new skillet. It is a Pampered Chef skillet, and non-stick. I sent the instruction book, but it is more fun for James to scare his mom when it comes to asking questions about running it through the dishwasher, and whatall utensils. Yikes. He has confused my iron skillet with his teflon. Not all skillets are equal. nor are they cleaned nor treated the same.

What must James' Sergeant think of getting a brand new Second Lieutenant to train? A guy with twenty years under his belt, numerous deployments and life experiences versus a guy out of college and fresh from Chemical Corps School. Let us all bow our heads and say a little prayer for Sergeant Mackey.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Upon the backs and brains of these sergeants, our Army thrives or dies. Please give Sergeant M. the patience and alertness to turn our James into the officer our Army needs. Please give him wisdom, and courage to speak up, and please give James the ears to hear, and the humility and courage to admit when he does not know, and lean on this man who I believe, You, Lord, hand picked for this job. There are no accidents with You. Bless them both, O Lord. It has got to be hard for the sergeants in our military to help mold second lieutenants the age of their own sons and daughters. Help them respect each other, work as a team, and do all to Your glory. And please protect them from the dangerous decisions of this current administration. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Anonymous said...


What a humble prayer. You're such a good mom. We need to continue to pray for James, and his desire to do his job as unto the Lord. He's perfect for the job. The Lord chose a respectful, honorable strong man--I'm SO proud of James!


joyce said...

Thanks, Amber. Now lets pray about the vehicle.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We desire Your Will, and Your timing for the vehicle You desire to be that dependable workhorse to haul James to work, and back and forth to Fort Sill. Please make it clear to James and Amber what you desire them to do. There are so many crazy drivers out there yakking on their phones, distracted and dangerous for the rest of us--please help James and Amber find something to protect them and keep them safe. We ask that the titles get transferred, and the funds into the right accounts in a timely manner. Please relieve James' anxiety about the timing of this all. And thank you for opportunities to help James. Please be with James and Amber as they plan their wedding and honeymoon, and future life together. Please knit them together. And walk with them through these tests. I pray that they enjoy their time together, and make a way, if it be Your Will for the coming trips to Arizona and California. And we would like to leave all future deployments in Your Most Capable Hands. In Jesus Name, Amen.