Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Rain

Last night the wind blew, and sprinkles and mist appeared on our windows. Then, early this morning, heavy rain and 70 mph winds drove water into the garage west door. I wish there was a way to seal that door, but it opens to the inside, so I just put towels down, and keep the fan going in the garage to dry stuff out. Little inch worms must be falling off the oak trees and are trying to burrow into the dirt, but a few are confused, and are taking a detour through the garage.

The sky is a combination of gray and blue gray as heavy clouds lumber by from the southwest. Eventually, it will clear, but more predicted for tomorrow. We needed the rain. We have been under fire danger for weeks. I see blue sky peeking through. And some sunlight.

The computer keeps beeping, so I will quit for now. I don't want to lose this riveting prose. Ha

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