Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Storms

Yesterday, at 2:30 and 3pm, a tornado hit near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma damaging a few businesses.

Then, last night about sunset, the little town of Lone Grove was hit. Located just outside Ardmore, Oklahoma, north of the Red River with at least eight deaths in a trailer park. That same storm hit us about 9pm, and our bare trees were really waving and rocking in the wind. Straight line winds ripped off a porch in Garland and pulled it over the roof and onto the yards and garage of neighbors.

We got to hear WBAP's traffic pilot Monty's twin brother, Mitch who lives near the town hit in Oklahoma at 2:30pm. He watched the wall cloud approach from the Super Target he manages.

Lots of people huddled in windowless bathrooms and under blankets and mattresses in tubs as this line of storms raked the Metroplex last night. Party-goers in the newly renovated Reunion Tower (looks like a ten story microphone) celebrating the opening of the new restaurant that revolves) were evacuated about 10pm and describes the rain and storm as feeling like they were in a washing machine.

Needless to say, the local radio station, WBAP was full of alerts and warnings last night and full of damage reports this morning.

The sky is clear this Wednesday morning. So pretty. You'd never know we had such excitement last night. Bob put the van in the garage in the middle of our Scrabble game. So, he pulled it out this morning, and I took him to the train station as I have the sonogram appointment scheduled for 11am this morning. It is suppose to get up to 70 degrees today.

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