Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Night Funnies

It is only fair---since I have been having too much fun with Bob's blog, and his list of things he will never say--- (go check them out. I'll wait.)

Here are ten things you will never hear me say: (I am sure Bob can come up with even better ones)

You will never hear me say:

1. I just love the seven-eleven praise songs at church. (eleven words sung seven times)

2. Can we leave with only minutes to spare because I just know I won't have to go to the bathroom.

3. I need to wake up---please turn on the hockey game on the radio.

4. Let's go play golf !

5. I love to drive on icy roads.

6. I love cooking liver and fish---they make the house smell so nice.

7. Please buy me liver and fish scented candles.

8. I just love cleaning cat throw up off the carpet.

9. The cute way the neighbor's dogs poop on our sidewalk and driveway make me want to get a dog.

10. Cleaning toilets is my favorite thing.


Bob said...

11. I'm going to bed now, but please feel free to stay up as late as you'd like.

12. Please, do explain more about Calvinism.

13. Why don't they make good movies like that great Jane Fonda flick we once saw?

14. It's okay, I don't mind eating butter after the cat has licked it.

15. I'll mow, you go do laundry.

16. Let's send money to the Obama campaign.

17. No, I refuse to eat out -- I simply must fix supper tonight.

18. Bias? What media bias?

19. It's okay, just stay on the road. I can hold it.

20. What? Run through the house naked? What would the neighbors say?

joyce said...

I dunno---I can see myself saying some of these with dripping sarcasm...

Remember when I used to ask you about details from your project at work when I was having trouble falling asleep??

AirmanMom said...

I love you guys!
Can you do another ten????

joyce said...

Check out jamie's crew---she comes up with some great ones, too !