Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wow. We got to see and hear our grandchild tonight for eighteen glorious minutes!!!

It was wonderful.

My niece and nephew on the mission field have been asking us to skype for months, but we do not have a camera on our computer. But, our son James was skype-ing with his fiancee the other night, and it looked like fun, and our son in Ohio called tonight and using the phone they could hear us, and using our computer, we could SEE them and hear them. Wow. The future is here. I remember as a kid being told how in the future we would be able to see each other on the phone. This is amazing. What will they think of next (in the technology department).

Thank you, James for showing your older brother how. And now James's fiancee can get to know James' older brother and his family before the wedding!!! Yippeee!!!

What fun.

Maybe now we can see our neice and nephew on the mission field...


Bag Blog said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...

We would love to try it! Let me know your address some how and we will call you sometime this weekend if that works for you. -- Your neice