Thursday, February 5, 2009


I watered the front yard for an hour. The wind had dried it out.

Beautiful day. Clouds burned off my noon.

I spent on hour or two messing with Bob's mobile phone, trying to get it to work. It would turn on, but the keyboard would not respond. I finally called Virgin Mobile, and lo and behold, I got to talk to a person. Her advice was to take the battery out, wait fifteen seconds, and plug it back in. And it worked! It is just the cheapy little Walmart phone, but because Bob had more minutes on his than I had on mine, we traded so I could work his minutes down. We do that every once in a while because with Virgin, you use them or lose them...minutes...I mean.

Ben-Ben made the paper in Abilene in a good way. They were installing solar panels on top of the girls' gym and the local paper and channel 12 did a story on how Abilene Christian was becoming "green". You can see him working away if you go to the Abilene channel 12 site and click on the solar panel story.

We took Ben to supper. Now I ate too much. Then after we showed Ben our new guest room (Ben thinks the lamp needs a shade---maybe I will get a new one for this lamp, and move this shade back there.) Then we got gas in Bob's car. And Bob whuped me at Scrabble. I could not play "QUIXOTIC" until the end, and he had gone out first, but he left me a nice place to play it at last. I held on to it too long, but I was determined to play it.

If we all wrote in Scrabble letters, people would think we were yelling. (all caps)

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