Friday, February 27, 2009

Cold Fronts

Let's talk about our wacky weather. Yesterday, I turned on the AC when the temps climbed above 81 degrees inside. And we kept the windows closed all night because the cold front sorta stalled in our area, and with high humidity, it still felt warm at bedtime. It was suppose to drop into the fifties last night, but it did not get below seventy degrees. The radio news folks kept quoting the stats that our high for today would be 63 degrees---even while it was seventy since midnight until 8am. Now the temps have slipped into the sixties. And with windows open, it has dipped to seventy-four in here at 9am. I feel a coolness, and the north side windchime is telling me the wind is turning around.

This is suppose to be a double cold front. cold now, and colder coming. Poor Minnesota is seeing minus temps. And even in Lawton, our son saw 36 degrees this morning when we were seventy. Feels good. But, I may need to start closing windows...again...but for different reason than yesterday. Ha. Fun. Fun. Weather is so fun. We rarely see freezing temps this time of year. March can be cool, and furnace in the morning, AC in the evening... And this is why we dress in layers.

No comet viewing. But, the pictures online are gorgeous.

We need rain.

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Bag Blog said...

Yep, it started turning cold her yesterday evening. I had to shut all the windows before going to bed. This morning the heater was on, and it has been pretty chilly.