Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surgical Rain

A little storm is sitting on our heads. We got wet. Our yard got watered. good. water is streaming down the gutters. And dripping off the roof.

Wow. It got over 100 degrees here in the DFW area today, but that little storm that literally formed north of I-30, is giving us an undeserved shower plus 20 degree break in temps. And the whole time, blue sky out the south windows. The clouds are moving so slowly. wow.

An unexpected blessing. A surgical storm. God can make a storm appear out of no where. Amazing. wow. Thank you, Lord. Thank you that I don't have to wrestle with heavy hoses. And an old, little lawn tractor that does not like long grass.

Water is such a blessing. I did not think we'd see any until September. wow

1 comment:

Bob said...

And people up north pay good money to sit in a sauna.

(My challenge word is RATFUNIE, as in "Is that RAT FUNIE?" "Nah, he just thinks he can tell a joke.")