Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday and Overcast

A front came through and broke our string of 100 degree days yesterday. It was wonderful. I was running errands like a chicken with my head cut off. Trying to get 'er done before the heat. I went to the chiropractor, and he put my sore neck back where it is suppose to go. I must have lifted something wrong.

And I restocked my yarn holder. The chiropractor and yarn shop (Hobby Lobby) are both way south. I think I got one of every fun color, and six of my favorite: painted desert. But, like everything else, the price of yarn has gone up. $1.79 a skein. I have paid as little as a dollar at Walmart when they were discontinuing some of these colors. Some Walmarts are discontinuing their supplies of cotton yarn. This ought to last me for a while.

And I did a trip to the post office to mail a package, and a trip to Walmart as Bob needed shaving cream. I got three different flavors---clean, sensitive, and extra sensitive. I will let Bob pick the one he wants, and put the rest in the cupboard for James and visitors.

And a swing by the Krispy Kreme shop. I put the donuts in the freezer, as they are so good hot from the microwave.

But, most of all---I went by the fat lady dress shop and found a fancy dress to wear to James and Amber's wedding. I have not purchased a dress in years and years. I usually avoid them like the plague. I wonder what kind of shoes to wear with this one? If Amber does not like it or the color, then I will take it back. I saved the receipt. It looks hot and heavy, anyway. Maybe just nice slacks and a fancy top would be better. I am not that fond of the dress. I did not even try it on, as I was way too sweaty.

But, may I say a word about clerks?? They will make me think twice about returning to your establishments. The lady at Catherine's fat lady shop, and the clerk at Krispy Kreme. So sorry I was such a bother. I know you had so much to do, and I interrupted you from your busy morning.

It was so fun to come out of hot stores (I think they keep them all at 80 degrees to save money and bake customers) and feel the NORTH breeze. We just do not usually see those until October. And to wake up to clouds this morning---wonderful. A little red sky sunrise, and this will keep us from reaching 100 today. It must be raining somewhere.

We listened to Pastor Mark Driscoll's latest sermon up on the Mars Hill Church site. He alerts through Twitter. Then Bob mowed the back yard. And the white crepe myrtle has alread dropped some blooms on the freshly cut green grass and it is so pretty. The doves have emptied the birdseed holder. They love the stuff the squirrels leave alone. Ben noted that the sparrows flip the seed everywhere as if to say, surely the good seed is hiding under this stuff somewhere.

It was good to be reminded of that Balaam story which Peter clicked and dragged into the New Testament in Second Peter. I needed reminded that when your ass talks to you, then you might be involved in apostacy. Sallycat is looking at me through the window. If she could talk... Bob gave her the butter dish to finish licking this morning. And I forgot to put it in the dishwasher. Oh, well.

Successful pastors of huge congregations need our prayers, Pastor Mark reminded us, because they get offered money just like Balaam did. And sex has brought down so many pastors, and politicians.

What is up with Aunt Candace? I talked to my folks yesterday on the phone. They are headed to Colorado for a church camp retreat, and Aunt Susie will join them for four days, too. And then I got a birthday card from the very same Aunt Susie! She always sends the prettiest cards. And she sent a picture of her and Uncle Rod for our album. I wish Aunt Susie could help the wives of soldiers coming back. She could tell them a thing or two about a soldier (Vietnam) with nightmares, and there are wives on Spouse Buzz that talk about how they can't creep up on their husbands, or slip back into bed without jiggling their foot as their husbands reintegrate. What a word. Reintegrate. Soldiers have to adjust from full alert to living with their families. Spouse Buzz also links to websites of soldiers who have lost legs last month from stepping on mines and IEDs. It is still very dangerous in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One guy I follow online suffered severe burns, and after numerous surgeries, he is looking so much better. They fixed his eye and lips. And he loves cheesecake. His mom keeps the website updated on his progress, and she liked my comment on Chick-fil-A cheesecake.

More later...I know you are just on pins and needles about every little boring detail of my life. Ha ...like turkey wrestling.

I bought this frozen "little tom" turkey thinking it would fit in the crock pot. I thawed it for days and days in the frig just like you are suppose to, and decided today was the day. Alas, it did not fit in the crock pot without cutting it in half, but that was easier than I thought it would be. Watching all those how to videos is paying off!! And man-o-man is Bob gonna be surprised to have more than cereal for supper! Don't tell. And the juices will come in handy for making dressing cassarole. Not that I plan on using the oven any time soon.

Wow. I sat down to cool off. Sweat is dripping off my nose. Who would have thought that a little 'ol turkey could make me sweat?? Maybe it was the cloroxing of the sink. I get so freaked out around poulty and germs. I'd much rather wrestle poultry when alone, so that I can then sterilize everything before anyone touches the sink, knives, etc. whoa. Turkey in the crock pot is usually so moist. So, I cut off all the skin. We don't need the extra fat. We will see how well this works. I could set the crock pot in the garage if the AC starts running constantly. I put a splash of orange juice in the crock pot, too. And sprinkled seasoning liberally on the cut up turkey. OOpps. I forgot the sage. Gotta put sage on turkey. Makes the house smell nice. I will be drooling all day. But, Bob says he is coming home early...


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Great newsy post! Speaking of yarn - do you know why most ladies roll the yarn from the skein into a ball?? My little daughter has been crafing with yarn - so I bought her a skein Fearful she would not remember to pull only from the center - I rolled it all up into a ball. She asked me why, and I had to admit I didn't know. Just because!

joyce said...

Dear Jamie,

I like pulling from the middle if possible because the skein stays in one place. If I have to roll it because it has become tangled, or because I am using up pieces, the ball rolls everywhere---under my chair, teasing the cat.