Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catfish Night at Cracker Barrel

Last night we called Ben and he was willing (dare I say, wanted?) to go with us to Cracker Barrel for their catfish. I managed to dump a whole glass of ice water on myself. I am so clumsy. But, it was refreshing. Usually, Cracker Barrel is cold, but here in the DFW area we are experiencing a string of 100 degree days. It was good to get caught up on Ben's week. He said they worked in a gutted building in Garland. No walls. Getting it ready for solar panels on the roof. Something about trying to politely work around the other contractors. Our baby is growing up. He even held the door for his old mom without Dad reminding him. Whoa. There is hope.
His ex-girlfriend is still stalking him. Calling every day. Says she lost her best friend. Ben has hardened his heart against her. Desperation is not a turn on to him.

And Ben regaled us with stories of helping his roommate "throw pallets". His roommate has a job with a certain soft drink company, but his job is to go around to the stores in our county and make sure the shelves are properly stocked. So, when he gets behind, and when Ben feels like it, he will help out. Ben has now seen and studied the back rooms of our local grocery stores. He has warned us to never buy from certain stores as their back storerooms are disgusting. He seems particularly attuned to the attitudes of certain managers, too. A study of people, our son enjoys. And I did not know that diet drinks have a three month life span. I don't buy them nor do I ingest all the chemicals of "diet" drinks. Can't stand the taste, either. But, I am a shopper. The main shopper for this family, and I like to support good companies, and especially companies that support the troops. Walmart is my main choice these days. If only they cooled it down a little more in there. Saving money, I know--but then they air condition the outside with the huge open door near their grocery carts.

Yesterday, I tried to go early, and I was on a quest to fill a box for our missionary relatives. I had specific items listed. The challenge was to fit it all in one box. Whew. Hope I got the proportions right. If I sent too much of something, maybe they can share with who all needs it or barter. I don't know. Everything in ziplock bags as it is going to a very humid, tropical country. Walmart had everything I needed. And I had the list arranged by section, as I know how the store is laid out. Got 'er done. And mailed. Why, pray tell, is our post office the place to get a pass port? What exactly does the post office have to do with transporting people? The line is long at the post office because one clerk is busy wading through paperwork that is involved with a passport. Yikes. I don't get it. Grrr.

Usually packages to the tropics take a month, sometimes less. But, the last one took two months or more. Seemed like forever. I tried to list everything so it hopefully all makes it---or at least they can see I tried. Mailed it on Bob's mom's birthday---seemed somehow fitting, to be mailing items to her namesakes. Cool.

Bob is out weeding already this morning. Trying to get 'er done before it gets too hot. James is still abed. And his laundry is sorted and washing in the garage. Just three more of these weekends, and the routine will change yet again. A new normal. I will hand him and his laundry off to Amber. He better help her with it. No more will I worry about fading his uniforms nor making them shine in the dark. No more jock straps. No more stinky work out clothes. No more matching green wool socks. No more. No more Velcro and patches and nagging him about his sheets. He does not remember my talk about how we need to wash these red sheets with the red pillow cases so they all stay the same color. He looked like he was listening when I mentioned it. oh, well. Counting down. I hope Amber can fatten him up some. His has no fat on his bones. Skull is showing through. When I give him super short "high and tight" haircut, there are lumps and bumps in his scalp because he is so skinny. Even his temples are sunken. Please, Amber, fatten him up a little.

Blathering on. Letting Airman Mom's music play. Thinking and praying for certain soldiers in the fight. On the front lines. Hoping they post somethin' soon.

SpouseBuzz yesterday had the story of military wives experiencing re-integration. wow. Amazing stories. Thank a military spouse today.


Bag Blog said...

We went to lunch with my DIL and grandbabies. I managed to dump a glass of cold water on my DIL when I reached to get my grand-daughters hair out of the ketchup. I hate to say it, but it did make me laugh. I have a good DIL. When I turned my son over to her, I was happy to know that he would have someone to love him and take care of him all the time.

Anonymous said...

I'll try my hardest to fatten him up Joyce :) But either way I love him.
Oh the joys of jockstraps and smelly workout clothes? Oh boy I can't wait. Just kidding. I love my James!