Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marrage Counseling Needed

Maybe my non-preciseness drives my dear husband up a wall.

But, what are the odds? In the whole metroplex of DFW, when the radio story came on the air about the injured ten foot alligator on the road beside the Trinity River and Bell Spur---I knew where that was---near Bob's train station just north of us. When I remarked that Bob could have hit that huge alligator, Bob ARGUED that oh, no, that is 200 yards off, that it wasn't anywhere NEAR his train station...there was gnashing of teeth. my inner teeth.

I happen to know the name of that short road because Bob's car broke down on me in that very parking lot after I dropped him off one morning, and I had to wait for a tow truck. I had to give the nearest street---and who just happens to know off hand the name of the street by the Bell Helicopter train station?

What is it about preciseness in my dear husband? Why can't I be right once? I know I am directionally challenged, but that alligator was not in Irving nor was it in Euless.

Ten footers are very common in New Orleans in my sister's old pond. But, now I gotta confess to her that we have them, too. My sister's old pond alligator man insisted that anything over six feet was gonna get killed off because they are just too big to "rescue" and relocate. I can't believe our game warden guy thinks this ten footer had a "right" to be there. No wonder people drown so much at Lake Lewisville. (and this is a test for Mr. Preciseness. Let's see if he bites. I know the train station is no where near Lake Lewisville, but the warden said alligators are common in ALL our lakes, ponds, and that they probably travelled up the Trinity River.)

That area near the train station was closed last week during one of the turrential downpours. The water was too much for the storm drains in that low area, and that road flooded. I bet Mr. Ten Footer floated near the road then. It sure will make me think twice if I ever have a flat tire on that road. Yikes.

And WBAP is saying stay away from Zicam cold medication as the nose spray has a zinc compound that makes some folks lose their sense of smell and hence, sense of taste. wow. I remember when my allergies were bad in my late twenties and early thirties, that some nose spray would make me lose my sense of smell temporily. I am thankful it came back.

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Bob said...

Funny -- you don't complain when I answer your math questions...