Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Thinking about last Sunday's Sunday School Lesson

Our Sunday School teacher last Sunday went over all the words for "DIP" in the Bible and how its the same word for baptize. Wow. That gave me a lot to chew on. He had challenged us a few weeks earlier to find all the words in the Bible having to do with baptize. And there are many different kinds of baptism. For example---Noah was saved through the water, but he never got wet. Those who got wet all died in judgement. And the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a baptism we can do with water. It is a spiritual baptism.

But, when you do a word search through the Bible for the word, "DIP" most are about dipping in blood. Interesting. And what struck me this morning as I looked over the words, was how declared clean was only the first part. The other part involved a sacrifice. Some bird or lamb or animal had to die, and their blood was dotted on the one or the thing being declared clean. Interesting. Very Interesting.

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