Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I got to hold a baby last night!

A snuggly, nine month old baby! He was so sweet. But, something in our air, like the cat hair or mold made it hard for him to breathe. I got to hold him upright in the chair last night while Bob and his niece and nephew-in-law and Ben played a complicated board game. Baby Ezekiel went from rattlily-congestion to just fine. Sitting up, he can somehow sleep. Poor little guy---such a croupy cough a few times in the night kept his folks from getting a straight eight hours sleep. And then our talking woke up four year old Isaiah---he is SO smart and full of questions. Amazing little boy. And he looks just like his Grandpa Joel.

It was fun having folks sleep over. But, I sure feel for parents of a baby with allergies/lung/congestion issues. I sure hope he sleeps better tonight and gives his parents a break. And thankfully, we have spare rooms now for nieces, nephews, and all the greats! The Toy Story toys were a hit. But, the Chevron cars needed dusting anyway.

Yesterday, the DFW area saw the first 100 degree day. We will see it again today. Yikes. I am thankful for the AC. And ice. The water thingy went out on the frig years ago, but it still crushes ice!

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

Love the snuggly babies -

HATE this heat.