Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Clouds are going the wrong way!

What strange weather is this?! When we experience years of drought, we long for surgical storms--and this proves it happens--storms that literally form one county west and train in on the DFW area like pearls in a necklace.

The close to the ground clouds are headed west. But, the weather websites show arrows of storms heading east. Amazing.

Over 250,000 are without power. Every few minutes, the radio interrupts with a beep-beep-beep warning of another storm with hail, flash flooding, or heavy thunderstorms. Yikes. Rush will be talking about one thing, and after the beep-beep-beep information, Rush is then talking about another of obama's dangerous objectives.

Rush is pointing out that the left has blamed the murderer at the Holocost museum on right wingers, but the muslim who murdered the soldier in Little Rock, and injured another was not described as such. Both murderers were left leaning. radicals.

I am finally out of things to wash. Finally caught up. Thankfully, the power has stayed on to get it all dried, too. Wow. I bet I did nine loads yesterday and today. I had purchased some new green towels, but had set them aside until the washer was fixed to get that new fuzz off.

Rain. Rain. Rain. Too much. The lakes and rivers around us are overflowing. High water is shutting down highways. and freeways. Bob could not get to the train station if he tried this morning, as Bell Spur was under water. He drove in just in case they set up an emergency command post to handle the outages.

Amazing jungle growing out back. and the front yard is needing weeding. Vines are climbing up the Nandina and into the oak tree along the back fence line. Soon it will be in the power lines.

Better post before we lose power....

Cardinal just visited the feeder---he looks drenched. The sparrows, too.

11:30am radio reports I-30 and 820 closed for high water.

12:45 pm the weathermen have done an update. and the clouds are headed east. It will get up to 85 degrees today, but thunderstorm warnings until midnight, and one-hundred degrees predicted for tomorrow---is it our first of the year??

The sky is getting lighter. The roof drips. But, the waters are receding. This as been your after noon update.

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