Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back Up

Last night, the lightning looked dangerous and close, and the weather folks were talking about baseball and orange size hail, so I tried to shut down the computer. It hung up on a "don't shut me down, I am updating" screen. I was able to make the stack go dark, but when I tried to turn it back on, it was frozen on that screen. (Gateway computer)

Bob was still awake at 5am at the emergency command center. He walked me through getting the computer to actually shut down, and then it came back fine. Whew. I thought I was going to have to call the Geek Squad. (when I talked to them last night, they said leave the computer off until the storms passed, then F8, but that did not work)

I am back up. I can check weather websites. I can see that the storm went to Houston. I can see that it got up to 100 degrees in Pecos, Texas yesterday, the national high. I can see that Bob is gonna need a jacket when he helps Andy drive their cars through Canada to Alaska.

It is so nice to be back up. I was out of clothes to fold. I could pull the car out of the garage. Bob said he'd be home in three hours. He will need to sleep today. I don't know how he is still able to be awake. wow

do these people still have a roof? those hailstones looks like little ones clumped together into baseball size. wow

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Bob said...

Service is what we at the power company are here for.