Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You Pioneer Woman! What a beautiful site. Very popular. Pictures, remodeling, and recipes. I love looking at the recipes, and noticed one today where I happened to have all the ingredients.

I made the cheesy eggs for my breakfast, and I used up some baby swiss that needed using.

Then I made the blueberry coffeecake as I had a tub of yogurt that needed using up. The yogurt had expired, but not molded, so it was still good. And I had the blueberries (frozen) and eggs for the batter. It was easy to do. Maybe I should have added a little more flour. But, I love using up ingredients that need using up. It is thrifty. No waste. It made a huge batch, so I sent a whole cake with James, and made muffins with the rest. Yum. Thank you Pioneer Woman! And she gave me such confidence cooking steak. I cooked my husband so much steak the week before his physical that his doctor insisted he stay on the high blood pressure meds.

Time to throw some clothes in the dryer. I can hear the washer beeping at me.

More later.

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