Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have we seen a Hundred degree day this year yet?

I would love to find someone to pull weeds out front and give that as a gift to Bob for Father's Day. It is too hot for him to do it, and it would be good to get the front yard in shape for the wedding in 38 days. Not that we are having the wedding here, mind you, but for any guests that come by looking for directions to the wedding or reception. We had such a lovely, green grass of rye in the front yard all winter. But, it looks so brown and ugly and weed-ridden. We had a few workers volunteer--people ringing the doorbell, but I guess the days are getting too hot for it. No one has come by for weeks now. No one has even left fliers in the door.

The back yard is in fine shape in case the granddaughter wants to play in the sprinkler back there. Bob put granuals down to kill fleas, ticks, etc. And the grass is lush. thick. well-watered.

And that company actually came through with the $72 repair re-imbursement. Yes! Got the check yesterday. Sometimes it does help to complain when some product causes a repair call. Purex 3 in 1 sheets embedded with soap and softener should NOT be used in front loaders, even though the packaging says its safe for that. It isn't. The sheets slip through the sides and clog the drain.

More later...


Bob said...

Maybe we just need to plant St Augustine out front. With the tree gone, it might just survive.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hey Joyce! Well - I think we hit the century mark in temperature here at my place today! My son had a double header baseball game tonight - and though I packed tons of water and other beverages with our sandwiches and chips - the weather was very kind to us. Not too humid and a nice breeze too! I have actually posted over at my blog 2 days in a row!

Hope you both are well!