Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. Dramatic

I highly recommend Mr. Dramatic over at The Lost Fart---my dear husband's blog. He is funny.

And how come one DEAD flea can make us itchy? I found one dead flea on Bob's neck last night. I stripped the bed and examined it in the light of day and found nothing. I bet this one died in his chair. Sallycat loves to sit on the arm of his chair, and walk across his keyboard.

The repairman came today. Halelujah. I can do laundry again. The Bosch warned on the phone of dire things if we tried to fix this ourselves. The error was 13. Clogged Drain. I called the Purex people and they were very nice about it. Their packaging clearly states for front and top loaders and for 'he' (high efficiency models) so they are sending a label so that I can mail them the specimen pulled from the washer drain. The Bosch repairman said ONLY use liquid detergent. And only half fill the drum. The thing uses so little water, that he says if you over fill it, towels have to be cut out of the sides, making for a very expensive repair. I had found headbands caught in the lip of the seal before. And the repairman said to clean the filter once a month. But, no where in the Bosch book does it describe or illustrate this filter. It is like a gas cap behind the circular plug in front. And the repairman had his water vac at the ready.

I have laundry lined up in baskets, sorted by color and material. I have also done the mattress pad to the extra long twin, and put it together. And the light bedspread on the guest room bed as it was covered in cat hair. We slipped James' gifted queen size mattress between the mattress and box springs. Now it reminds me of the Princess and the Pea bed.

Four loads down, five to go.

It has been piling up since Sunday when I went to the laundry mat. I am going to keep an eye out for discontinued/cheap king or queen size flat sheets to cover the beds as thin flat sheets are easier to wash than bedspreads. And I want to keep an eye out for a sturdy frame that works for twin or king. That way, all I need is another extra long twin to make a king. a super king.

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