Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make that $644

Pretty sneaky of the Toyota rental car folks to make the ignition key hard to get out. Keeps you from going anywhere.

And while the drive out to Weatherford was a pretty drive---drivers are crazy these days. And I saw two different folks hitting debris in the road. One car hit and snagged a bucket under their little sewing machine car. And tree trimmers are not tying their loads down good enough.

Why-oh-why does the batter fluid need to be changed out at 30,000, I will never know. But, I faked an expression of "very impressed" when the details of all their work was explained to me. I was directed to go inside and pay---they have all your paperwork. But, the clerk you pay wanted to know if all my charges had been explained. Even when I brushed her off with, I'll get it later, she insisted on dragging in the guy who talked you into all this stuff to come wax eloquent.

We are ready for 5,000 more miles. We are ready for more bugs. We are ready for skunks. Another thing Toyota DOES NOT TELL YOU when you buy the car is that the air cabin filter is $44 and it will need changing every six months. Tires were good. Supposidly rotated. But, I can just see the workers back there laughing their you-know-whats' off when they remind themselves that the battery fluid has been changed out. Suppose to get better gas mileage now. Sure. That will make it all worth it. I'm sure.

I ran by Central Market as it is just off one of the exits on the way home. Crowded place. Got Bob some apricots and another "sweetest" cantelope. And some braided bread he likes.

The news is full of the dead pilot. Mark Davis, on WBAP slipped in the "final approach" phrase that made me laugh. He asks the questions the rest off us wonder, but are too timid to ask. Folks die on planes all the time. Was it a heart attack? 61 years old and never got to enjoy his retirement. And President Bush is finally fighting back. Of course, anything President Bush says is labelled "fighting back".

Glad to be back home. Enough excitement for a while. ha. Glad to be inside where the AC is working. Wishing we had more insulation in the attic so the AC did not have to work so hard. And it was a moon roof, but it only went up an inch. And maybe there is a camry convertible, but it is pretty noisy with all the windows down.

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