Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lantana Looking Lovely

The hardy purple Lantana out front is looking good. It survived the freezes of the past few winters, and is so big it almost blocks the view of the mailbox from our kitchen window. And the wild violets are coming back, too. The Illinois State Flower has two seasons here in Texas if you keep them watered during the summer. It is so good to see new leaves peeking through the dirt.

Dear husband survived his two days of jury duty. The first day in Tarrant County is a cattle call. And I do mean the kind with cattle and shoots and fences. Just making it through security was an experience. Dear Husband said they examined the auto unlock devices on his keychain with great interest both days. Then you get herded into a great room with interlocking seats and get smooshed like sardines into rows so that if anyone has a cold virus, he can share with the rest of the herd. After being culled from this main herd, Bob was told to report today outside a courtroom on one of the floors. Like a sheep lead to slaughter, he uttered not a word. Now, he shared with me his better answers to questions if he had been asked, but only those around him received the questions. I think that kind of hurt his feelings. Being of sound mind and rational thought, he was sure to be struck from this list with his snarky answers of "only if they are Republicans."

And our soldier son is surviving his "field" training. He forgot to pack the mosquito spray and the sunburn prevention, and has complained about slim pickings for their evening meal, but we will try to fatten him up this long Labor Day weekend. At our house, Labor Day actual involved labor just twenty-two years ago...

The Grandbaby's MIMI revealed that the Grandbaby can pray. Wow. Something the firstborn forgot to reveal on the phone last night.

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