Friday, August 8, 2008

The Boy is Home !

James pulled into the drive at 8:45pm tonight ! He had to get a pass, because more than 150 miles from the fort, they need a pass. Hopefully, he will get to come home more weekends during this now six week course. But, like a child that went to camp---only two uniforms need washing. Lots of damp socks and underwear and exercise clothing. But, just two sweaty sets of diggies. (ACUs)

I vacuumed today, and cleaned toilets. And am reading the book about the Navy SEAL. I also tried to get most of our laundry done up, and folded, and got groceries at Walmart. When I drove through our local McDonalds for lunch and ordered a number 13, fish with no cheese, and no salt on the fries and water---the order taker recognized me and smiled and patted my arm. She is getting used to my quirky order, and word must have gotten back that I called in my thanks. When I called it in again today, the lady asked which McDonalds, and said they don't get positive calls very often. That is sad. When you order fish without cheese, and fries without salt, you are going to get fresh food.

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