Friday, August 15, 2008


Thunder, lightning, maybe two inches of rain and that's how we spell RELIEF in TEXAS !

And maybe we have seen the last 100 degree day for this year. It only got to 99 yesterday !!! Yippeeeee !!!

Thank You, Lord for the good rain, and taking away the dusty, drought conditions here. Now things will green up and we will need to mow until December. I watered some plants yesterday, but it seemed so futile, so drop-in-the-bucket.

I opened the windows for a while this morning. Lit a candle, as the lights kept blinking. Some folks are out of power with power poles down in Dallas. Traffic is snarled, but oh, we SO needed the rain.

I usually do not blog much about world events, but with two sons in the military, I faithfully read the news and blogs online, and the poor folks receiving Russia's insane "punishment" are now receiving humanitarian aide from our dear troops, Air Force and Navy. And Russia has threatened to "punish" any country leaning toward the west, democracy, freedom, and Poland has been singled out for wanting a shield. And amazingly, in their weird pretzel logic, the Russians are being told that its all VP Cheney's doing. Wow.

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Bob said...

I just love that Dick Cheney -- especially that theme song that plays whenever he walks in: "Dum, Dum, Dummm, Dum-dee-dummm, Dum-dee-dummm!" It just drives liberals crazy. (Well, okay, more crazy.)