Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smooshed Muffins

Sunday evening I decided to make pumpkin muffins. It feels silly to use the oven and the AC at the same time here in Texas. Army son left for Fort S. before they were finished baking, but dear husband seemed to enjoy them. I think he ate four. I wrapped up the rest, and put some in the freezer, some in baggies for breakfast, and some for Bob to put in his briefcase.

I should have called dear husband at work on Monday...or emailed that I was eating my muffins for breakfast, was he eating his?? I should have.

It is now Wednesday morning, and patting dear husband down for the cell phone as he heads off for jury duty, he opened his briefcase and lo and behold... smooshed muffins.

Reminds me of the "treasures" I used to find in the boys' backpacks.

I threw them out into the front yard for the birds, or squirrels.

Those were good muffins. Pilsbury mix and a dollop of mollasses. I should have added rolled oats for more fiber, but they turned out very moist and good.

If dear husband had not discovered them this morning, I wonder how long they would have ridden with him to work? Until they liquified? Drew flies??

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