Thursday, August 7, 2008


You know you are a blogging nerd when you drive down the street composing blogging ideas.

Today, whilst headed to the post office to mail off more dishrags of love to Ennis, and a birthday book to the niece, (only aunts give boring old books for birthday presents), I decided to head to the bank for quarters in case we go to north Dallas tonight. I found myself composing a blog about wearable grocery list labels. I have been trying to keep ahead of the new quarters for James' collection, and got their last roll of the new Arizona. Whoop. New quarters are much more fun to use. Hand them to a clerk, and they get excited, too.

Too many times now, I get to the store without the "want" list. Last night, to help me remember to stop and get a gallon of milk at Braums after church (right across the street from church), I tore off part of a label edge to put on my shirt. Bob found it funny that I was wearing a milk label on my chest, so I moved it to my arm. But, for us old folks, need wearable labels. Maybe I will pick up a package of "Hello, my name is..." labels. Then when folks notice: "Hello, my name is tp, oil and brake fluid" maybe, then I not forget what I came to shop for. The "Hello.." labels could also attach to my purse. I have tried clipping a 3x5 card to my purse with a clothespin, but the clothespin hurts under my arm.

And I want to remember how just last night, Bob did a lesson on Christ our Passover, and explored what Paul meant when writing to Gentiles in Corinth to celebrate Christ our Passover. He taught us the blessing said at Passover: Blessed be God Almighty Who brings forth bread from the earth. And how we celebrate by FAITH. When Jesus said, "eat my flesh and drink my blood" He meant that He is the Bread that comes down from heaven, and the Bread that ONLY God can bring forth from the grave. By faith in Him--trusting Him to do all He has promised, not by our gullibility, not by our work, and no boasting about ourselves. Boasting equals the leaven they were guilty of in Corinth. We need to beware the leaven, and lean on God daily. Not just at Passover. All the verses in Deuteronomy that talk about Passover, seen from the lense of the New Testament and the Gospels sing, resonate Christ. The original Passover foreshadowed the REAL Passover when Jesus died on the cross, the Lamb of God, on that Passover in 30 AD. It was easy to be amazed at the Deuteronomy verses---amazed how God declared so far ahead of time that He would proved THE lamb to take away the sins of the whole world.

Then, this morning, reading Trep's blog where Yonah repeated the blessing over his breakfast: Blessed be...who brings forth toast from the land. Toast is right, for when Jesus comes back, He will make toast of all Israel's enemies.

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Bob said...

Well, I guess it's time to make toast. The son has returned (but only for the weekend from Fort Sill, not from heaven for a thousand years).