Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sugar'n Cream: new flavors

When you are not looking---that's when you find them.

I enjoy knitting cotton dishrags. The Canadian company, Lily, has a Sugar'n Cream line of 100 percent cotton yarn. I recently found new flavors at the local Joann's and today, found more at that same Joann's. "Culinary Colors" it says on the label---I guess they are on to us knitters, as to what we are making.

Urban Pastels has a lilac, light creamy yellow, medium teal-green, and white

Bronze Blue had a deep purple, light brown, peacock blue and white

Renegade is a crappy name, but jungle green camo with browns. Husband said he'd use one.

What fun, to find new colors.

Peaches & Creme, made by Elmore-Pisgh Inc., in the good old USA is my other source of 100 percent cotton yarn. Walmart keeps Peaches & Creme in most of their stores. Huge cones of the yarn is only $6.

LION Brand Yarn is harder to find, but Joann's had some today: Sagebrush is a combination of liht golden brown, teal, and off white. Lion labels list New York, New York as their place of the yarn's origin.

Soft Ecru, by Lily, Sugar 'n Cream is so different from regular old ecru, oatmeal, and off white. So creamy. Like real cream.

I prefer light wooden bamboo knitting needles. Number 10 work for me because I knit so loose.

I can knit and brouse websites at the same time. Waiting for a page to load, or reading an article online, I knit. I can knit during a movie, or Scrabble game. Keeping those fingers limber.

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