Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Bundle

The last bundle of sticks is ready to be picked up on Saturday. Whoo-hoo ! And before 8am. Before the sun got hot... slathered in OFF, drippy sweaty.

Note to self: knit the headbands smaller because full of sweat, they stretch and droop. But, are otherwise very effective collecting sweat-of-the-brow, which is more like streaming brow.

Grandchild likes getting mail. Bob still can't believe I sent a card with a longhorn on it to known Aggies. Hey, it was a cow. And when asked, "what does a cow say?" Our intelligent grandchild can say, "moo". Too cute. A buffalo is ready to mail with pictures for poor grandchild's homework (parent project). Dang, they start earlier and earlier on homework, I mean, parent projects.


For a laugh, be sure to go the CakeWrecks site. It is a hoot.

We laughed and laughed, and I am glad our son and his wife enjoyed it, too. I am curious---what does a kitty litter cake look like??

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Bob said...

Of course our granddaughter is smart, but full disclosure demands that we confess that cows don't actually say "moo" according to our little genius -- her rendering of the cow sound is more like "meh". (Sort of a Bronx cow, I think.)